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COVID-19 Seems To Prove Cessationism

Cessationsim is the idea that more tangible, visible, gifts of The Holy Spirit are no longer given to believers.  That, after the completion of scripture, they are only reserved, by God, as He sees fit to use.  The outbreak of COVID-19 seems to discredit just about all those who claim to have these such gifts.  We will look at two predominate gifts, The Gift of Prophesy and the Gift of Healing, in the season of COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Closing Churches

With the spread of the flu-like Covid-19 virus, government orders to close, and the community in fear of getting sick; at what point should a church close its doors and temporarily end meeting?  To get clear guidance, we must seek God's Word, and not our feelings or thoughts from our fragile emotional state.  What did Jesus and The Apostles do?  What did the early church do?  What does Holy Scripture say?

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