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Open Letter to Faith Healers and their followers

To all whom it may concern,

I am writing this to all those who claim to supernaturally heal in Jesus' name and to all those who believe in these faith healers.  I have three key areas of questions.

I want to start off and state that I do not believe the gift of healing has ceased absolutely.  I absolutely believe God heals still to this day in the same ways he healed in biblical times as He sees fit when he wills it (1 Corinthians 12:9).  My purpose for writing to you is to hopefully get you to see if what you are doing is actually of God for God, even if you feel or think it may be.  I pray that I edify you, convict those whom the Holy Spirit convicts of misrepresenting God, and offer solutions.

The Council of Chalcedon and It's Impact

In 451 AD, Roman Emperor Marcian called for the church to come together and make known a very deep understanding of The Person of Jesus Christ to solve the confusion and division.  As Gnostic teachings and writings spread throughout the semi-early Christian world, confusion about who Jesus was in the deepest way is an issue.  The issue is the true nature of Christ. In attendance were over 500 church teachers from all parts of the Christian world and in their possession were the earliest biblical manuscripts.

Survey of Christian African Descent to African Americans Today

The Lord has used people from different nations, races, and cultures to proclaim his message to the world.  This article will focus on African Christian history, historic African teachers, modern orthodox African American teachers, the need for this ministry focus, the identity of being Christian, discerning racial favoritism, and reacting to racism.

God and The Government

God sets up and institutes each government (Romans 13:1-4) which can be a positive or negative judgement on the people of that nation.  Some times God is not pleased with those whom people chose to lead the people but allows it (Hosea 8:4) and hands people over to their sinful heart and desire (Romans 1:24).  But how are Christians called interact with their ordained governments and what is their absolute Human Right?

10 Big Churchy Words

The following 10 big 'churchy' words are a big deal.  They describe very key and essential understandings of the over all work and process of God in the world. They are not in order alphabetically but ordered by the process of which they take place. These words are either stated in scripture or describe an idea that is stated in scripture and are not later invented doctrines.  They help in deeper understandings of what God has done and is doing in the world around us.  below are brief outline and definitions of the words:

Guard Your Heart

God knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows what we can handle and what we can not.  He also knows what little things it takes for us to lose sight of His glory and begin looking for our own glory.  Thus, he perfectly instructs us why and how to guard our hearts so that we can remain truly in him. This article may be convicting to some and anger others but we pray it leads to your holiness.

An Inconsiderate Faith

It is common, especially in this America culture, to view faith through the liens of individualism and self-pride.  That faith is 'yours' and has nothing to do with anyone or anything else.  But it is this cultural view that distorts what faith really is.  In this article we will look at what faith truly is and how some who claim to have faith are really just inconsiderate and selfish.

The Season of Lent

Lent is a extra-biblical Christian season.  It ("Lent") is not specifically mentioned in scripture and is not defined until the 4th century but it does have some valuable characteristics. Like all things though man can turn it into a legalistic religious ritual.  This article will explain what it is, the value in it, and how it is abused.


One of THE most important aspects of Christianity is the direct connection to God that is only allowed through faith in Jesus Christ.  What do we pray for and how should we pray to a all power all knowing absolutely holy God? What is the purpose of prayer if God is all knowing?  This article will address all these questions about this vital and essential aspect of Christian life.

Correctly Interpret and Understand The Bible

All kinds of people, from all kinds of religions; all claim some portions, it not all, of the bible are from God, or from a god, or from multiple gods.  They all can not be both true, and not true, at the same time; so how do we know? Biblical Hermeneutics is the study and method of how to correctly understand scripture.  In this article we will review three key elements of an effective method for correctly interpreting and understanding the Bible the way it was meant to be interpretative and understood.

The Gift of Supernatural Healing

What does God say about divine supernatural healing and the gift of healing?  What is the bible's stance on 'inner-healings' like the Sozo Prayers?  And are healings today the same as healing of the Apostles and the disciples of the apostles?  It is important to state that it is not the position of The Gospel 4All that the gift of healing has completely ceased; however, due to recent history we do believe that it has changed but God reserves the right to gift it as he pleases, even to this day.  This article will address the biblical understanding of divine healing and why this gift has changed to this date.

The Glorious and Blessed Hope

Is biblical 'hope' just wishful thinking or is it something more?  Can we wishfully think of eternal life or can we hope in assured expectation of attaining eternal life?  The bible offers a type of Hope that the world, a part from Christ, can only wish for.  What is this Hope that only the Christian faith offers?

Supernatural Positive Thinking

Life can get hard and people can be mean.  Does thinking positive and speaking positively have a supernatural effect on the negative world around us?  Does being positive only invite more positive things to occur?  Is there such a thing called "Law of Attraction"?  Where does all this positivism come from and what does history prove and God say about it?


Repentance is an essential sign of genuine saving faith.  It is what is to be preached and what The Gospel Message compels true believers to do.  It can be faked and is avoided by health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity teachers.  There is a reason for this.  But what is IT (repentance) and why is it an essential element of faith?

Small/Home Groups

As local church communities grow into large congregations it gets harder for the church leadership to address all the needs of the larger growing congregation.   Creating small groups / home groups is a strategy to help fulfill the material and spiritual needs.  There are advantages in this strategy.  In this article we will address the strategy in a biblical way and discuss how to form a plan and execute it.  We will lay out the who, what, when, where, how, and why of small/house groups.

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