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Review: The Statement on Social Justice and The Gospel

In June of 2018, 13 predominate evangelical figures initially signed The Statement on Social Justice and The Gospel.  It is interesting to note, a couple of the initial signers are minorities.  This is important when it comes to social issues such as racism.  It is a statement of affirmations and denials broken down into 14 sections.  We will study and analyze in each section statements that relate directly to social issues.  From this we can better determine if this statement accurately reflects spiritual truth in regards to social issues and The Bible.

Jesus' Political Activism

Jesus was very engaged in the local communities; constantly traveling from city to city, town to town, healing and preaching.  People asked him all kinds of questions about social issues and expected him to do be this political force and king to lead them into a revolution against Rome and win them their freedoms and rights!  But, what happened?  What was Jesus political activism really like?  What were his focuses of advocacy?

Can We Rightly Judge with Statistics?

The first important question is SHOULD we, as Christians, make judgements on a person, or groups of people, based on Statistics?  Can we rightly judge solely based on statistical analysis?  Why is this even an issue?  It goes to the heart of using statistics to see a need for the gospel.  Of course, everyone, at all times everywhere, need the gospel, even we need the gospel.  But Jesus strategically went to specific areas and the Apostles went to specific areas, whether it was locations or people groups. But how did they rightly judge where to go and who needed what message first.  What does this have to do with racial profiling, prejudice, and rightful judgements?

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