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God's Judgement on America

Is America (and other parts of modern society) changing; is it a good change?  This takes some spiritual discernment to correctly understand.  Those who are less knowledgeable of scripture and less spiritually discerning of sin may say they see good changes world wide, and in America.  Taking a step back and looking through the lens of History and Scripture we see that his is not the case, especially for America.  And if America and modern society is not changing for the better (moving closer to God), what is going to happen?

Did God Cause The Orlando Florida Shooting?

This question is essentially the same as the another common question "if God is good, why does evil exist?".  Different religious people from different backgrounds have their opinions of why and how the Orlando Florida nightclub shooting took place and whether or not God caused it or why he would allow it.  When applying this question we can ask; "If God is good, why did he allow the Orlando nightclub shooting?"  To get to a definitive answer on anything about God we must look at him not our feelings or opinions.  This article will ask 5 very important questions such as; Does God Cause Sin?  Why Does God Allow Sin?  Why doesn't God just wipe away all sin?  Why Did God Allow Evil in the First Place?  and Why Isn't God Responsible for Sin?  This will help us understand why there is evil, such as the Orlando mass shooting, who is responsible, and what is the solution.

Radicalized Christians?

Is there a sect or view within Christianity that advocates and exercises murder and violence against those who are viewed as enemies?  If there is a radicalized Christianity, what is it exactly?  Quite honestly the answer is very simple.  To know what IS Christianity, we must first look at the core defining elements of the faith and look at the teachings of Jesus.

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