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Radicalized Christians?

Is there a sect or view within Christianity that advocates and exercises murder and violence against those who are viewed as enemies?  If there is a radicalized Christianity, what is it exactly?  Quite honestly the answer is very simple.  To know what IS Christianity, we must first look at the core defining elements of the faith and look at the teachings of Jesus.

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Anyone can claim to believe all the essential elements of the faith but still advocate violence, so does that make them a radical Christian?

No.  And here is why:
Matthew 5:44
"But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,"
What is genuine Christian love that Jesus is speaking about here?
John 15:13
" No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life"
Jesus is also the supreme example and proof of genuine holy Christian love.  He selflessly sacrificed his pride and entire life for the sake of people who hated him.  Instead of advocating violence against those who he knew were going to literally abuse him and murder him... he showed humility, sacrifice, and true love instead.

Anyone can claim to believe all the essential ideas and teachings of Christianity but without selfless sacrificial love for enemies- its not Christian and is not following Jesus Christ as Lord God and savior.

Not stating that everyone will perfectly be obedient to Jesus' example but good trees produce good fruit and bad trees produce bad fruit (Matt 7:16).
John 13:35
"By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
If radical Christians can NOT be those who advocate and pursue violence; then what are they?

Radical Christians 

Radical Christians are those who worship God in spirit and truth.  They affirm all the essential elements of the faith and believe it in such a way it (The Holy Spirit) has changed their life.  They love God over themselves.  They stand by these truths even if they are alone or persecuted for it.  They love the world enough to express God's truths even if the world does not want to hear it for the sake of anyone who may be saved.  They are willing to give up their life to love God and others.  Radical Christians are unselfish, self sacrificial, merciful, gracious, forgiving, and stand firm on God's truths in scripture.

The reason why this a Radical Christian is because most people who claim to be Christian in America and other modern societies tend to be more self centered and willing to compromise truth to appease the offended world.

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Offending is unloving?

Offending people is NOT unloving and is NOT wrong.  This is a lie that creates an applied pressure on Christians so that they compromise and avoiding truth; that offending someone and 'speaking negativity' is some how wrong.  Jesus continually made statements that offended people; to the point of being hated and murdered.  If offending people was wrong, Jesus was not perfect and thus Jesus could not be God.  Because Jesus is God, offending people is a righteous possible result of sharing truth in love.

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With all this said and with what has gone on in the news; anyone who claims to be a Christian and then commits a mass shooting, by definition, is NOT Christian and NOT following Jesus Christ.  There is still forgiveness for this person and God will still show them grace and mercy; but in the commission of that kind of violence; they were not living by the Christian faith.

This is what the world will easily get confused or use against Christianity.  Ignorantly assuming what they claim is what they are by their own claim.  But when a square claims to be a circle, it is still not.  The Church needs to voice The Gospel Message and speak truth in love and explain that any individual committing such violence is not following Jesus Christ.


Anyone who advocates and conducts violence against anyone is acting in contrary to Christianity.  Even if they claim to be Christian, they are contradicting it.  A square is not a circle just as someone
advocating and conducting violence is not Christian, by definition (Capital Punishment is another issue).  

Radical Christians are the exact opposite.  They are selfless and sacrifice themselves for love and truth of God.  Their methods are non violent and strictly focused on God's Glory and for His will to be done.  They are not defined by cultural norms or bend to society pressures. Their lives are proof of God's power to change and they speak truth in love even if they are hated for it.


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