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The Absolute Greatest Message To Tell Everyone

This may seem like a no brainier to most Christians; that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  But what does that actually mean? Just telling someone that Jesus loves you is only telling them half the saving message of Jesus.  Tell them to love God is not telling them the full life changing news that they need to hear.  So what is the full message that everyone needs to hear in order to be saved?

Maximal Opportunities to Desire God

This is an extremely deep issue that takes a lot of careful thought.  When correctly understood in light of scripture we can see how Maximal Opportunities bridges the understanding gap in a lot of areas in the Christian faith.  This relates to Molinism or the middle knowledge of God.  It explains how God does the all work in salvation, how people come to desire God, how he is all knowing, how and why a loving God allows evil, how and why God does not show favoritism, and how he is not responsible for sin.

God Does ALL The Work

It is ultimate satisfaction and relief to know and trust in God.  He does all the spiritual eternal work for us. The pressure and burdens of trying to love him, do good, and stay faithful to him all our life is on Him.  When we have faith in Jesus Christ, we experience the peace and joy from God doing all the work in our lives from beginning to end. From before the beginning of time, to us being lead and coming into faith, to us growing in faith, to our bodily death; God does all the work.  This is a deep and hard issue to accept.  It even turned away disciples of Jesus in his day.

Why God is not the Islamic 'Allah'

The Arabic name for God is 'Allah' which literally means 'the God'.   Although in name alone, this may be true.  The major distinction comes from who Allah is understood to be by his attributes and Characteristics.  In this article we will look at the fundamental differences in how God Justifies and saves mankind.

Hyper Spiritualism

What is Hyper Spiritualism?  It is a blend of emotional focused worship and subconscious guilt hiding that does not produce true spiritual change in a persons life.   Hyper Spiritualism can be found at seeker focused, emergent, and charismatic churches.  Hyper Spiritualist desire to act and feel a certain way to 'feel' more spiritual and to 'feel' better about the sin they live in.  This form of pseudo-worship makes people focus on their feelings at the moment without ever addressing the deeper need of a heart change in the rest of their life.  What does scripture say about Hyper Spiritualism?

Spiritual Legalism

Have you ever heard the phrase "Let God bless you" or "Allow God's love in"?  How about being told you need to "Empty yourself so that God can..." or "Claim a blessing..."?  Sounds focused on God right?  It is suppose to.  The reality is it is actually focused on YOU and YOUR works.  This article will explain why this is nothing more than legalism with a 'spiritual' sound.  It goes to the heart of how we understand our selves and how we understand God himself.  First we need to correctly know God, and correctly understand ourselves in the light of truth.  Then we can see the legalism that is disguised in spiritualism.

Racism and God

What does God say about racism, discrimination, and prejudice?  How to address this issue and what is the solution?  We need to understand the value of all people, the equality in God, and how to bring together each side and lead them to the throne of God.

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