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The Joy of TRUTH

Definition of Truth:

What God has declared and done is truth.  Its that simple.  If God says we are sinners, that is truth; we are sinners.  If God says that to covet someone else's material things is sin; than when we covet, we sin.  If God says to simply look at another person with lust is sin, then if we look at someone with lust we have sinned.  If God says any sexual desires outside of marriage is immoral, than it is immoral. If God declares marriage between an man and woman, than any other marriage is not true.  Its that simple.  No matter the culture or time period; immorality is immorality and God's truth is God's truth.  Sin is sin.  God is truth. 

Why does truth seem so complicated sometimes?

"The hardness of our hearts" is how Jesus put it. We complicate things to try and justify our sinfulness.  We try very hard to declare for ourselves what is truth in our own eyes.  But when we remove our selfish opinions from what is made known in God's Word, it is clear.   If we don't like something that God says, than there is a problem within us, not God and that problem within every single one of us is our sinful nature.


Truth is simple; anything God does and says (Ps 111:7, Ps 119).  It was made absolutely clear through Jesus Christ and his person and works on the Cross (John 1:17, 14:6).  And now Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to continue and make known God's truth through leading to it and convicting us of it (John 15:26, 16:13). Through the Holy Spirit we will recognize the truth of God (Col 1:6, 1 John 1:8).

What 'The World' thinks about God's Truth

"The World" simply means the system of thought all over the world from all kinds of people and places that do not know God's Truth.  If The World has heard the truth of God, it was rejected or replaced by something else that is not of God (John 8:45). 

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Truth and just as Jesus is not received, neither is He.  The Holy Spirit is not seen or known by those who reject God's Truth because God's truth was not fully revealed to them (John 14:7, John 18:38). 

Because The World does not see, know, or receive the Truth of God, they suppress it.  They accept a lie and worship it instead of God's truths.  They hide from it, avoid it, condemn it, do everything they know how to do to resist it (Romans 1).  They would rather live in their selfish sinfulness and call it good (John 3:19-20).  They become slaves to it and enjoy it (2 Thess 2:10,12).  They don't truly believe the truth so some even use The Truth of God for selfish material gain (Titus 6:5).  They even support everyone else that does not know or accept the truth and encourage each others blindness to it (Romans 1:32 , Ps 36:2)

The World actually lives in darkness and practices the lies invented by the sinful hearts of man.  Even when they claim to know God or know his truth, they are just lying to themselves and the everyone else (1 John 1:6,8, Matthew 7:15-23).

What Those who love the Lord think and do about His Truth:

Those who love God, love his Truths.  They agree with His divine Law and seek to be obedient to it.  When they break it, they feel convicted and repent because they love his Law more than themselves.  When it says not to live a certain way, they desire not to.  If they mess up, they are lead to repent and agree that the Law and their conviction is Good (John 3:21, Romans 6). 

They teach and lead each other to truth (Zech 8:16).  Speaking truth is love.  God is love and truth; therefore they reflected God when they speak truth.  When someone they love begins to sin and stumble, they love them so much they confront them in love with the hope of bringing them back to live in truth (Matthew 18:15-20, Gal 2:14, Ephesians 4:15, 5:9).

They grow in their love of God's truth they will worship God because of his truth.  They worship him in truth because their spirit knows his truth (John 4:23-24).  Because they know and love his truth, they are free.  They are set free to be able to obey God through his truths (John 8:32).  As they grow in faith and love for God and his divine truth; He sets them apart from the rest of the world and makes them more and more like his Son (John 17:17).  Their conscience is in agreement with The Holy Spirit and its truths about Christ and what he has done for them (Romans 9:1). 

Outwardly they open speak of God's truth to the rest of the world (Acts 26:25).  They rejoice in the truth that they are sinners what Christ as done for them on the cross (1 Cor 13:6).  They grow to hate sin (Romans 12:9).  Love for God's truth will manifest in their life.  It will be seen and known (1 John 3:18)

What The World says about those who agree with God's Truths

Those who truly love God's Truths will be hated.  The World will slander them.  The World will call them 'hateful' and 'intolerant' of the worldly system and worldly ideals and thought (Prov 8:7).  The World will tell them to not speak the truth but instead speak something more flattering and accepting to them (2 Tim 4:3).  They will tell those who truly love God to 'not be so negative and only speak positive words'.  The World will say that truth is not being negative or mean and redefine it; when in fact it is convicting and can be harsh (Is 30:10).  Those who continue in the truth will then become an enemy to The World (Gal 4:16).
  • The Truth is we are sinful.
  • The Truth is our sins deserve death.
  • The Truth is we are spiritually dead without faith in Jesus Christ.
  • The Truth is God is intolerant of Sin to the point He had to kill his only Son to pay for our sins.
  • The Truth is God is intolerant of Sin to the point He changes us and does not keep us as we are. He makes us a new creation and brings us to spiritual life.
  • The Truth is God offers his free gift of salvation by his Grace
  • The Truth is we can not save ourselves or work hard enough to become right before God.
  • The Truth is God, through faith in Jesus Christ, fills us with His Holy Spirit and empowers us to be able to worship and love him.
  • The Truth is those who forever reject The Gospel will not be saved.
  • The Truth is those who come to faith in Jesus Christ are saved, redeemed, restored, set free, and with live for God and with God for eternity.
  • The Truth is that The World will hate you for it.
If we did not come to know the truth about ourselves, we could not come to know the truth about God himself.  That is why Truth is so awesome!  That is why the harsh reality of our sinfulness needs to be seen before we can see God.  After seeing that God has forever changed us because of our faith in The Truth of The Gospel; we rejoice in The Truth that we are sinful and Christ paid for it. 

The harsh Truth of Sin and Its price is something to rejoice in! 

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