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Personal Bible Study: Getting Started

Your personal bible studies are one of the best times for you and God to spend time together.  You sit back and let him talk to you through His Word.  You learn more about Him and get to grow in knowing who He is.  But you want Him to do the talking and teaching and not to jump to any for your own conclusions when read his Word.

Before you get started there are a few things you should and need to do.

1.   PLAN

First you need to plan a time and date to start and then choose a consistent location to spend time with him.  A place that is more private and has less distractions so you can truly focus on The Lord.

Make it a point to keep those plans.  Do not schedule anything else during that time.  Tell friends and family your busy and you don't need to tell them why.  Once that is planned, you have plans set.


Gather all the resources you will use during your time. 
  • Bible
  • Bible dictionary
  • Commentary
The bible you would choose, make it a special one.  One that you will write in and highlight, bookmark, sticky note, and everything else you feel is necessary for you to truly grasp what God is saying to you.

3.   TOOLS

The tools will help you see, record, and apply the vast amount of truths in God's Word. 
  • Journal
  • Pens
  • different color highlighters

The method of how you will study will help make the time with the Lord enjoyable and understanding his word easier and more fulfilling. 

The next page will lay out a simple but very rewarding method for studying scripture.


Now that you are all set up and have every thing you need; it is time for you to put your plan into action.  We don't always feel like reading and especially in a world that is more visual than literate you will find your self having to force your self to sit down and do it. 

NEXT: Methodology

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