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Open Letter to The Body of Christ Around The World

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus around the world,

I write this to everyone so that we all may be encouraged and hold strong to the faith that we are been called in.  In this modern world we can receive news from all around the world seemingly over night.  Information travels fast and we are able to react to it sooner.  I see all the countries that have access to this site and see the page visits from each country.  Knowing of the reach this blog has been given, I feel compelled to write this.

I hear about all our brothers and sisters being martyred in the middle east, persecuted in India, China, and North Korea and the church in America bringing shame to God through its denial of his truths I can't help but to be encouraged.  All though this sounds like a terrible thing to be encouraged for but I will explain.

The light of Christ shines in the darkness and exposes the sins that the world loves.  It reveals truth to all people, all cultures, all over the world in different ways.  It is hated and the messengers are hated for it.  Those who live in the light and rejoice in the truth are hated.  So this brings me to why I am encouraged.

Because we are hated for loving the light and truth; we stand out.  Our message of the Good News to the world is made clear.  It is made visible and hated.  For if the world that lived in darkness did not see the light or know the truth, they would not persecute us.  They would not hear that they are sinners and this would is sinful.  They would not hear that Satan, prince of this world, has spread so many lies throughout the world and infected the minds of men.  This world would not know to hate what they are naturally inclined to hate.  But we put a face, name, person, and message to their hatred.  We speak the truth of the gospel and it shines the light of Jesus Christ in the dark world.  They see the truth and because they get to see the truth; they now have a target to hate; the messengers of Jesus Christ and their message.

In the middle east the gospel is offensive to the point of public execution.  It elevates Jesus to his rightful divine state as God and exposes the lies of Muhammad.  As Christ rose from the dead and bodily ascended back to heaven where he was from; Muhammad's body is still decayed in the ground and is a tourist attraction.  Because of this, groups like ISIS and mainstream Muslims cry out in offence and hate simply because of what the gospel message proclaims.  Christians in the middle east are under persecution that has not been seen sense the days of the early church and Rome.  Those who remain faithful to God through Jesus Christ will receive their inheritance for sure!

In the western societies the gospel is offensive to the point of public ridicule and imposed social hardships.  It may not cost them their bodily lives but their souls are still at stake none the less.  The tolerance of sin and individualism has ravaged the church.  If someone does not tolerate sin and tries to have nothing to do with it; the society attempts to force Christians to accept it and be part of it.  To fight against sin costs Christians their jobs and they even face lawsuits.  Famous people and politicians slander Christians for their non-acceptance and strong opposition to sin.  True Christians tend to be outcaste from society much like the early church in Roman society.

In these two regions of the world the persecution does one thing; it makes the truth of the gospel known.  When I hear about Christians that are so faithful to the Lord and stand so firm in their faith the Lord grants them martyrdom, I am encouraged.  When I see Christians being slandered and rejected by society and remain faithful and stand firm in faith; I am encouraged.  The power of The Holy Spirit to keep the children of God from falling away from the Father in Heaven through faith in Jesus Christ is the most encouraging thing I can ever witness in this world.  I rejoice when the truth, the gospel of Jesus Christ, is make clear and understood that it generates a feeling within people.  To some people I brings them to repentance, to others, it makes them hate.  But either way, it is made known.

Jesus promised that he would not lose anyone the father gives him and to see that promise kept, is spiritually uplifting and edifying.  God is faithful even when men are not.

This is what I want to tell you.  Even though I have never met you and I don't know what you are going through in the society that you are in; I know you because we have the same father.  We are taught by the same spirit and we are not of this world.  We proclaim the same message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  That, when you are persecuted for Jesus' name sake, I am also with you in spirit.  I implore you to continue to fight the good fight of faith till the very end.  Remember the promises of God are eternally faithful and never failing.  So that when I hear about your faithfulness in the face of this sinful world; you are encouraging me and I am edified by your faithfulness in the gospel we proclaim.  I have never met you, but you encourage my soul and the Holy Spirit is using the news of your persecution to strengthen my faith for when my time comes. 

Remain the in the holy scriptures and proclaim no other gospel but only the one that beings salvation to all those who hear it.  That Jesus Christ came from heaven to willingly pay the price for our sins.  He died on the cross and freed us from our slaver to sin.  Three days later he rose from the dead to prove that He is Lord.  He ascended to heaven to return to where he was from with the promise that he is coming back for us.  Through Him we can made alive, reborn, and free to have a relationship with God.  Because of what he did on the cross we can have eternal life.  There is no other name by which we can be saved for he is the way, the truth, and the life and no man comes to The Father except through Him.  It is faith in Him that saves us.  He justified us before God, redeemed our souls, and it is His righteousness that covers us.  To God be the glory for everything in everything!

Fellow Brother in Christ Jesus.

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