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The Inconvenience of Serving God

We have our daily and weekly routines.  Work, Wednesday small group, family time, and Church on Sunday.  We often and easily forget that God does not work by our schedule.  Sometimes, God gives us an opportunity to serve him and glorify him at times that interfere with our daily or weekly routine.  How we respond to this reflects where our heart stands with God's Will and our ultimate desire to worship and serve him.

The Blessing And Priviledge of Oppression

There are two ways to view oppression and persecution; (1) as being a victim and the negative societal effect or (2) as a righteous opportunity with positive eternal effects.  But how do we properly see oppression and persecution through the eyes of God?  We must take to heart what Jesus spoke and believe it, trust it, and apply it.  Are you an oppressed victim or a victorious servant?  Does how you handle oppression bring God glory?  Is he pleased with how you live under oppression?  We need to look at what Christ Jesus reveals to know and see how oppression can be turned on it head.  How oppression can be a blessing and privilege in the life of a Christian.

Women Pastors And God's Design

This has become a touchy issue in recent history.  With more American and European churches allowing more woman pastors in teaching and church body leadership roles than ever before, we ask, why in recent history and not prior?  Why do some object to this?  Is this gender discrimination?  In all the questions we can ask, we must first and foremost turn to Holy Scripture to determine what is truth and what God reveals about this issue.

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