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The Season of 10/40 Missions

The Gospel exists to serve the church and reach people world wide; and not just in America and English speaking nations. Access to the Gospel message is fundamental for a people group to be reached and having an opportunity to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Modern free societies have the opportunity to access the gospel through transportation, traveling, media, and internet access but what about the closed nations or the countries that limit the travel and internet access?  How do they get access to hear the life changing and powerful message of Jesus?  Through those whom are called specifically for this type of mission work.  And for those whom do come to faith in Jesus in a restricted and hostel nation, how do they receive the support from the church?  This is the responsibility as the church body as a whole.  Those who have been blessed with the resources for support.  We want to connect those who are blessed with resources and those who need them. 

Why is there Something rather than Nothing?

The simple fact of conceiving this question, using a tool (computer), and searching for an answer to the conceived question is evidence there is something already.  But why is there something?  Why is there something currently in existence rather than nothing at all? How did the very first iota of 'something' come into existence?  To lead us to the answer we must ask a series of questions: Is something infinite? Did something come from nothing? Is nothing, something?

The Original Pure and Holy Marriage

Before sin and corruption entered the world, Adam was the Husband of Eve (Gen 3:6).  That shows us there is an uncorrupted form of marriage and an original holy design for marriage.  To understand this original uncorrupted form, we need to look at how it was first revealed leading up to its original ceremony, first declaration and explicit elaboration by Jesus.

A Godly Husband

The God ordained responsibilities of a Husband are established by God for his will and purpose in this world as a visible reflection of God himself.  Though the Husband is a sinner, when striving to fulfill his ordained role, his home sees the Lord and his Grace despite his humanity. His responsibilities can be broken down as leader, unconditional and sacrificial lover, servant, and foundational support system for his wife and family.

The Great Flood

This is a hotly debated issue; was there an actual historic Great Flood or is Noah's story just a myth taken from other cultures?  To address this question we will look at the ancient flood stories of different ancient cultures, and discuss evidences in geology and fossil records.  This topic requires and open mind but also requires a spiritually open mindedness.

Modern Secular Historians and The Bible

Not only do Christian scholars and historians find The Bible to be historically reliable (of course they would) but also some secular historians as well.  Not every historian makes their religious beliefs (or lack of them) known but the historians below make it clear they are not Christian but have determined the The Bible to historically reliable.  Not just any Historian with a degree but well respected secular historians in their field.

Earliest Mention of Israel in History

The Merneptah Stele is the most widely recognized and accepted earliest inscription of "Israel".  The inscription is from the ancient Egyptian king Merneptah who ruled between 1213BC to 1203BC.  This stele is estimated to have been carved around 1208BC. 

The Tel Dan Inscription

A fragmented slab of stone found in Israel with Aramaic characters carefully engraved in the stone describe a military victory of the Aramein King over southern nations; one of which is stated as: "The King of the House of David".  The stone is date to the late 9th Century BC. Sadly the undiscovered portion of the stone presumably records the names of the kings but most scholars believe the stela recounts a campaign of Hazael of Damascus, king of Aram, in which he defeated both Jehoram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah.

Why is this discovery so important?

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