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The Season of 10/40 Missions

The Gospel exists to serve the church and reach people world wide; and not just in America and English speaking nations. Access to the Gospel message is fundamental for a people group to be reached and having an opportunity to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Modern free societies have the opportunity to access the gospel through transportation, traveling, media, and internet access but what about the closed nations or the countries that limit the travel and internet access?  How do they get access to hear the life changing and powerful message of Jesus?  Through those whom are called specifically for this type of mission work.  And for those whom do come to faith in Jesus in a restricted and hostel nation, how do they receive the support from the church?  This is the responsibility as the church body as a whole.  Those who have been blessed with the resources for support.  We want to connect those who are blessed with resources and those who need them. 

The 10 40 Window

In our current history there is what is known as the 10 40 window.  That is 10 degrees north of the equator to 40 degrees north of the equator is a window of nations that is in the greatest need.  They are in need because of the limited and restricted access to the gospel message.  This window also contains a majority of the world's population as well.  The Christians living in this window face hardships that most Christians outside of this window would not understand.  The believers need the churches support and the non believers need the gospel!

The Season

Beginning March 1st and ending May 31st, annually, The Gospel 4All will spot light and encourage the support for ministries and missions that are called to those regions.  We will highlight some key organizations for support and our prayer is that those who see the call respond by finding out how they can support.  We want to bring awareness to these ministries and regions through our network and to you.  We will share their information and updates throughout the 10/40 Season.  Please share their information on social media as well. 


If you are part of a youth, young adult, or college ministry and are looking for a mission trip opportunity, please consider partnering with one of these organizations.  Consider the access to the gospel were you are planning to do mission work.  Witnessing to lost people who have access and see churches at every street corner is one thing but witnessing to lost people who do not have access to the gospel and has never met someone who knows the gospel message is a whole other amazing opportunity.  Its easy for Christians who have never faced persecution to see a vacation in their own comfortable safe culture as a mission trip.  The churches and the lost people in the 10 40 window are in a desperate need for something they can not even access. 

Please see the links below.  Pray for an organization and its missionaries,  get involved in a short or long term mission trip, contact the organization to receive more information, get your friends and family together and do a fundraiser and give to these organizations.  Add them on social networks and share their information!  Serve God through the body of Christ world wide!
  • Asia
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  • Middle East
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  • North Africa
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  • General Missions
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If you know of more ministries that serve the 10/40 regions, who's focus is on the gospel and affirms The Trinity and Jesus' divinity, please contact us and we will add them to our list.

If you have any questions or comments about this article please contact us or join our discussion forms

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