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Reformation Day (October 31st)

On October 31st the Church commemorates what was perhaps the greatest move of God’s Spirit since the days of the Apostles.  On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany that provoked a debate that culminated finally in what we now call the Protestant Reformation.

Is God Perfect? Does God Make Mistakes?

Is God perfect and does he make mistakes?  This is the first question in research study.  Of all those who participated, 34% said that they did not believe he is perfect and that he makes mistakes.  That is huge.  1 in 3 professing Christians did not believe God is God.  This article will address the issue to help the 34% know God deeper and equip the 66% of professing Christians to better explain this lacking understanding in the church.

Is There A Baptism of The Holy Spirit After Salvation?

What is a Subsequent Baptism to salvation, second baptism, or also called a second blessing referring to?  Simply stated, it is a second spiritual event that takes place after and separate from the moment of salvation where an individual is overcome by the Holy Spirit and exercises spiritual gifts for the first time.  But does the Bible support this and explicitly state A Second Baptism event after salvation?  In this article we will see what Holy Scripture says about the moment of salvation and being baptized by The Holy Spirit.

Is The Church Shrinking?

As we see an increase in the 'non religious' or 'unaffiliated' religious preferences grow in government censuses and religious surveys and the numbers of self identified 'christians' get small each year, we tend to think the Church is shrinking.  Even most denominations and nondenominational churches show a slow but steady decline of church membership.  Does all this indicate the Body of Christ, the people group set aside by God himself as first fruits for his Son and The Bride of Christ; shrinking?

A Godly Couple

A Godly couple reflects the nature of God and relationship with God between himself and mankind and between Christ and the Church.  Only through His original design of holy relationships we see how the power of God is felt and seen.  The relationship itself can be seen as powerful in its unity and purity for the rest of the world to see and come to know.  What does a Godly Couple look like?  What do they do different from the rest of the fallen world?

2016 Ligonier Lifeway Research Study

In 2014 and 2016 Ligonier Ministries and Lifeway Research conducted a study that surveyed participates nation wide of their theological beliefs.  The participates ranged from Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, 'mainline christian', and 'other' in the christian faith.  Age, gender, ethnicity, region, education, marital status, income and church attendance data was also collected.  The questions asked are huge and fundamental to the identity of the Christian Faith.  The questions analyzed the participants understanding of who God is, who they are before God, how they view the Bible and sin.  The results are stunning.  So shocking in fact, feels it is critical to address these topics in a more clear fashion.  We will look at those who attend church one or more times a month and how they understand the questions asked.  We will also focus on the 18-34 year old age group.  The results are eye opening on what the Church body in 2016 believes.

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