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Steven Furtick and What God Can't Do

The lead pastor over at Elevation Church in North Carolina, Steven Furtick, is a rock star.  He is a big personality with high dollar speaking engagements.   He gets his audience all ralled up with his engaging public speaking style and use bold words and statements.  He even got his masters in divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Even Oprah added him to her top list of spiritual leaders (John 15:19)... With all that said, lets get into what really matters; TRUTH.

The Catholic Church and Sexual Abuse

Pennsylvania, 2018, The Catholic Church is rocked, once again, by allegations sexual abuse.  Except this time, it is a HUGE revealing that spanned over 70 YEARS! 1,000 plus victims! BY OVER 300 PRIESTS! Some of these Priests have been promoted AND their names even redacted (protected).  The reason why we added "once again" in the first sentence is because, well, this is not the first time.  And clearly, over the 70 years it was not.

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