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The Godly Wife

This is a hot topic of our age.  Despite how the world may try to define spousal roles; God gives us how He has made the ordained role and how it pleases him.  From day one, Satan took advantage of the spousal role confusion and looking at the modern family dynamic, not a whole lot has changed.  But what are the godly responsibilities of a wife?  What will God hold the wife accountable for and how does the true wife role benefit the family unit?

What Is Reformed Theology?

Reformed Theology is expressing specific areas of the study of God, and magnifying key elements that are, and have been, easily corrupted. It guides people into a more deep and clear understanding of God.  It came about during the period known as the reformation when the church had become widely corrupt and lost; to bring the church back to its foundations and original teachings.  It brings the focus back to the apostolic teachings and dependence on God.

The Church and Politics

How should the true body of Christ respond to an ever growing hostile and aggressive political landscape?   To get a well rounded grasp on this issue, please check out God and The Government and Who would Jesus vote for?  What happens when secular society and worldly minded, politically charged activists, demand support from the Church for their political agendas and candidates?  We will look at the deeper issue than just the game of politics.

Palm Sunday

What is Palm Sunday?  To understand this special and monumental day, we must also understand the history, symbolism, prophecies, and absolute meaning of this event.

What Language do Angels Speak?

Angels come from heaven and were created by God.  They are either messengers from God or fallen angles, punished to earth and awaiting judgement with no hope of redemption.  As messengers and servants of God, how do they communicate with mankind? There are a lot of writings on angels but what does God's Word make known about angles?  In this article we will look at how angles interact and communicate with mankind.

Who would Jesus vote for?

First it needs to be said that this article will not favor one political candidate or party over another but instead favor what is expressed in holy scripture allowing the reader to apply what is revealed to their life.  For election years, this issue is important.  This article will address voting, candidate support, questions to ask the candidates, and ultimately, who would Jesus vote for.

God's adaptive and fluid Plan?

Does God adapt his plans based on what we do?  Is his plan fluid and changing?  This is hard for us to understand when looking at the surface and in a worldly since.  When we correctly understand God, we can fully understand this issue.  We must look at what he makes known about himself in scripture.  This is not a specific discussion about God's Sovereignty and our Free Will but more focused on God's Plan and its relation to mankind and how it is perceived in space and time. 

Finding God's Will

This is the second greatest question people will ask; "what does God want me to do about..." dating, getting married, family issues, career choices, financial issues, and so on. The question is asking what God's Will is for life's situations.  How do we know what God wants us to do?  Surprisingly the answer is quite simple and has already been declared to you through scripture.

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