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Has The Bible Changed?

This is a question for some people that is a genuine concern.  For others it is an attempt to belittle or patronize a religion.  The question it self is a valid question for any and all documents that claim to be the source of unchanged universal objective divine truth.
Has the teachings and documents evolved and morphed into what we have today?

The Entire Bible is God's Word: pt4, The New Testament

In parts 1, 2 and 3 we have shown the reliability of The Bible.  Parts 1 and 2 even show how the Old Testament has not changed and how it has been reliably copied through its history.  But what about the New Testament?

Has the New Testament been reliably copied or has it changed over time?

First we need to understand that we have 1st and 2nd century quotes, copies, and manuscripts.  Clement I was written around 96 AD to 100 AD and it quotes a lot of different portions of the Bible.  The John fragment mentioned in part 3 is from the 2nd century along with many others. 

The Entire Bible is God's Word: pt3, The New Testament

The timeline of the events leading up to the New Testament and during are vital to understanding the writings themselves.

Before Jesus:

There was a time period of 400 years where there were no prophets or anyone who is hearing the voice of God.  Malachi was the last prophet but Israel did not listen; then, 400 years of silence from God.  Suddenly around 25-29 AD a man that was not like the rest of his culture appears calling for everyone to repent and make way for the Lord.  He proclaims that coming of someone great directly from God, and his coming is soon.  Next thing he knows, that someone, is here; Jesus of Nazareth.

The Entire Bible is God's Word: pt 2, The Old Testament

The Old Testament as a divine and authoritative set of writings has been recognized and validated all through out the Jewish history.  The formation of the Old Testament is nothing new either.  A simple look at all the historical clues reveal that The Old Testament has been declared all along.

The Entire Bible is God's Word: pt 1, The Old Testament

Some religions claim parts of the bible is from God, some people claiming to be Christian also say that some parts are from God and other parts are not.  Some that claim the whole bible is from God only cherry pick bible verses to suit their needs, desires, and arguments.   The orthodox Christian faith believes that the whole bible is from God.  The Old testament is from God just as equally as the New testament and the apostolic epistles.  God used and spoke through the Prophets and Apostles.  But how do we know?

The "Jesus didn't say it" Reasoning

With so much debate in our culture, there is a quick judgment to condemn people for quoting scripture for their reason or their lack of support or lack of encouragement for certain cultural issues.  One of these forms of reasoning why some feel scripture quoting Christians are bigots its this:  "Jesus did not specifically say..." or "Jesus did not specifically mention..."  The reason is assuming that because the topic or moral issue is not mentioned in the red lettering of a bible, than Jesus did not have anything to say about the issue.  But there is one major and critical problem with that reasoning. 

SCOTUS and God

5 Justices of the Supreme court of the United States of America made a decision for the of the population and indirectly the rest of the world.  I am not going to get into the politics of the issue because there is something greater than politics going on here. The greater is God's Will, God's Wrath, and The Churches stance.

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