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Has The Bible Changed?

This is a question for some people that is a genuine concern.  For others it is an attempt to belittle or patronize a religion.  The question it self is a valid question for any and all documents that claim to be the source of unchanged universal objective divine truth.
Has the teachings and documents evolved and morphed into what we have today?

The Bible describes historic events.  These events have also been recorded by outside sources as well.  Then, archeology has been found from these events.  When comparing extrabiblical sources and discovered archeological evidences, we see that the Old and New Testaments are historically accurate and true.  The next question is:

Was this information added later?

The Bible is a collection of hand written documents.  These documents that we currently have range in age,  Applying this question to the Old Testament we see that we have documents from 200 BC to 1500 AD.  By comparing the earliest copy of Isaiah (200 BC), with the latest copy of Isaiah (1,500 AD) we can see if information was later added.  It has not changed! 

 Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah 200 BC


The Septuagint copy of Isaiah 100 BC

This is where those with a close minded bias will distort the truth against The Bible.  There are differences, not changes.  Language and spelling.  That is different.  Aramaic and Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English.  Does that mean the information has changed? Not at all.  When Isaiah is read in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, French, Spanish... what ever language, the only thing that has changed is the spelling, punctuation, and language.  The message and information is the same.  This is proven by comparing The Biblical documents.

What about the New Testament?

Exactly same concept.  We have fragments and manuscripts ranging in age from 1st century all the way to the 16th century.  We can compare the old manuscripts with later manuscripts and see what is the same and what is later added in word usage and sentence structure. 

This is were those who are close minded and bias against The Bible will again distort truth in the same way.  Because the spelling of Honor was changed from Honour, or the word "The" is added for improved English sentence structure does not mean the information has changed.  For example
  • The close minded person does not have honor.
  • La persona de mente estrecha es sin honor .
  • La personne proche esprit est sans honneur .
  • Закрыть мыслящий человек без чести.
  • 關閉頭腦的人是沒有榮譽
  • الشخص التفكير وثيق هو بلا كرامة .
  • Η στενή σκεπτόμενος άνθρωπος είναι χωρίς τιμή .
It is written in 7 different languages.  At the core of each language there is a message that is the same for all languages.  The message is that the close minded person does not have honor.  A change in spelling (honor and honour) and symbol representation of an idea (honneur  and чести) does not change the idea.  With that said, we can successfully compare Greek manuscripts with Latin manuscripts.  And when this is done, we see that the ideas presented have not changed.

P52.  Fragment of The Gospel of John 100 AD
The Right side is John 18:31-33, The left side is John 18:37-38
P90. Fragment of The Gospel of John.  150 AD.  It records John 18:36 - 19:7.  

P66. Manuscript of The Gospel of John. 200 AD.
Compare and put together all the fragments of The Gospel of John and we can see that it was not changed.  Eye witnesses of the event could have still been alive at the time P52 was written.  Children and grand children would be alive of the eye witnesses who would have been reading these documents and remembering what they parents and grandparents (the apostles, disciples of the apostles, and eye witnesses) would tell them.
There have been thousands of fragments and manuscripts discovered. 
To believe that the bible has changed and is not the same message as the original writings is willing ignorance.  To say that the bible has changed and is not the same message as the original writings is maliciously lie to people.  Also read Have You Been Deceived by The World?
Because The Bible is proven reliable and has been reliably passed on to us; knowing that the message contained in it, is the same message, what are you going to do about it?  Read The Gospel message

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