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Is The King James The Best Translation?

There is a belief in fundamentalist Christian groups that the King James Bible is the most reliable biblical text and some even claim it is the only true Bible translation. They are firm in the loyalty to the KJV and trust it is the closest version to the original texts of scripture and some claim it is the exact same as the originals in translation.  But is this true?  To figure this out we will look at the KJV sources, translation, author, and consider God's prevision of his Word through textual criticism.

Do Christians Need to Attend Church?

In the age of TV Evangelism, Podcast sermons, and everything we ever need at home, some people question why bother attend church.  They hangout with their Christian friends at times and get a sermon Sunday morning in their bedroom on TV.  What does the Lord say about being actively involved in a local Christian community?   First we will look at specific verses and then we will look at the actions and expectations of the foundational church. Then we can address the excuses and hit at the real problem.

The Real Opportunity to Glorify God and Love Your Neighbor

Some people think that being a good neighbor is serving the Lord, but then just leave it at that.  Others feel that living a 'gospel' lifestyle is good enough so proclaiming the gospel to your neighbor is not necessary.  Some still, avoid conversations about spiritual things and justify themselves with ideas like "my neighbor sees my gospel lifestyle" or "I do nice things for my neighbor, so they see God through that".  But is that actually serving and Glorifying God and actually loving your neighbor;  Are we actually taking the REAL opportunities that God places us in to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ?

God's Sovereignty and Free Will debate

This debate within Christisom has been raging for over 1,000 years.  Christianity aside, it has been debated since day one with Eve and the serpent.  But what does God make known about his sovereignty and our free will?

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