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When Christians Support Abortion

Christians can support abortion in different ways.  They may support it indirectly but knowingly through an organization, politician, or political party who advocate for abortion.  Or they may outright support it directly.  Either way, a Christian is supporting something that contradicts their faith, offends God, oppresses life, perpetuates dehumanization, inequality, and hinders the gospel.  This article exposes the Christian hypocrisy and false worship of supporting abortion.

The Women's Rights to Her Body

A fundamental argument for abortion is the Woman's Bodily Rights, or "reproductive rights" justification.  The ultimate and most common argument for being Pro-"Choice" (pro-abortion) is the argument for the mother to decide for herself, leaving the option for abortion wide open and often suggested and hinted.  But is the Fetus her body?  Do rights justify immorality?  Is her body really her own?  There is a fundamental flaw in this logical when it comes to divine, objective, universal truth.

LIFE, The Nature of God

One of the most important Natures of God himself is his nature of LIFE.  He created life, sustains life, and gives eternal life.  Even those whom hate him, he keeps them alive, wakes them up everyday, and will give them a separate eternal life as well.  Understanding this Nature of God also helps us correctly see the His desires and Will regarding the issue of abortion.

The Value of A Fetus

As addressed in our article Is a Fetus a Person?, we know that a Fetus is a person.  But to dive deeper, we want to understand HOW valuable this small developing growing person is in reality.  Is a Fetus of a different value than a grown adult?  Are they equal?  How can we know?  Does the situation of conception justify abortion, such as rape or incest, thus reducing their value?

Is A Fetus, A Living Person?

This is the absolute key issue that impacts all areas of the debate surrounding abortion.  Knowing the answer to this makes addressing the issue clear as day.  If a fetus is not a child or a living person, what's the harm?  It would not be much different than removing cancer or a parasitic growth.  BUT If a fetus is a living, growing, person and a small defenseless child... that would be a moral, ethical, eternal, game changer.  But how do we determine this?  Do we use Human law?  Scientific theories?  Do we depend on subjective human definitions?

Christian Baptism

What is Baptism? What does it mean and what does it do? Is it necessary? How important is it? Different church denominations teach different uses and meanings but what does scripture teach us about Baptism?

The Inconvenience of Serving God

We have our daily and weekly routines.  Work, Wednesday small group, family time, and Church on Sunday.  We often and easily forget that God does not work by our schedule.  Sometimes, God gives us an opportunity to serve him and glorify him at times that interfere with our daily or weekly routine.  How we respond to this reflects where our heart stands with God's Will and our ultimate desire to worship and serve him.

The Blessing And Priviledge of Oppression

There are two ways to view oppression and persecution; (1) as being a victim and the negative societal effect or (2) as a righteous opportunity with positive eternal effects.  But how do we properly see oppression and persecution through the eyes of God?  We must take to heart what Jesus spoke and believe it, trust it, and apply it.  Are you an oppressed victim or a victorious servant?  Does how you handle oppression bring God glory?  Is he pleased with how you live under oppression?  We need to look at what Christ Jesus reveals to know and see how oppression can be turned on it head.  How oppression can be a blessing and privilege in the life of a Christian.

Women Pastors And God's Design

This has become a touchy issue in recent history.  With more American and European churches allowing more woman pastors in teaching and church body leadership roles than ever before, we ask, why in recent history and not prior?  Why do some object to this?  Is this gender discrimination?  In all the questions we can ask, we must first and foremost turn to Holy Scripture to determine what is truth and what God reveals about this issue.

Review: The Statement on Social Justice and The Gospel

In June of 2018, 13 predominate evangelical figures initially signed The Statement on Social Justice and The Gospel.  It is interesting to note, a couple of the initial signers are minorities.  This is important when it comes to social issues such as racism.  It is a statement of affirmations and denials broken down into 14 sections.  We will study and analyze in each section statements that relate directly to social issues.  From this we can better determine if this statement accurately reflects spiritual truth in regards to social issues and The Bible.

Jesus' Political Activism

Jesus was very engaged in the local communities; constantly traveling from city to city, town to town, healing and preaching.  People asked him all kinds of questions about social issues and expected him to do be this political force and king to lead them into a revolution against Rome and win them their freedoms and rights!  But, what happened?  What was Jesus political activism really like?  What were his focuses of advocacy?

Can We Rightly Judge with Statistics?

The first important question is SHOULD we, as Christians, make judgements on a person, or groups of people, based on Statistics?  Can we rightly judge solely based on statistical analysis?  Why is this even an issue?  It goes to the heart of using statistics to see a need for the gospel.  Of course, everyone, at all times everywhere, need the gospel, even we need the gospel.  But Jesus strategically went to specific areas and the Apostles went to specific areas, whether it was locations or people groups. But how did they rightly judge where to go and who needed what message first.  What does this have to do with racial profiling, prejudice, and rightful judgements?

Steven Furtick and What God Can't Do

The lead pastor over at Elevation Church in North Carolina, Steven Furtick, is a rock star.  He is a big personality with high dollar speaking engagements.   He gets his audience all ralled up with his engaging public speaking style and use bold words and statements.  He even got his masters in divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Even Oprah added him to her top list of spiritual leaders (John 15:19)... With all that said, lets get into what really matters; TRUTH.

The Catholic Church and Sexual Abuse

Pennsylvania, 2018, The Catholic Church is rocked, once again, by allegations sexual abuse.  Except this time, it is a HUGE revealing that spanned over 70 YEARS! 1,000 plus victims! BY OVER 300 PRIESTS! Some of these Priests have been promoted AND their names even redacted (protected).  The reason why we added "once again" in the first sentence is because, well, this is not the first time.  And clearly, over the 70 years it was not.

Public Evangelism

Before setting out to conduct street evangelism and open air preaching it is a good idea to research the county and city ordinances regarding noise violations and disturbing the peace.  Odds are someone will get offended and call the police claiming one of the two.  When police are called, they have reasonable suspicion that a crime or ordinance violation has been committed.  They are obligated to respond and investigate.  This should be expected. (check out Is Street Preaching Biblical?).

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