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When the claim of Freedom is really Blind Pride

Freedom in Christ is truly freeing.  It is true freedom.  Is it freedom to sin?  Is it freedom to do what YOU want to do?  I think in this American culture we miss what it truly means to be free in Christ. 

Christians are made free FROM the grip of sin and free TO worship God.  No one who is freed from sin, was freed to worship themselves at the expense of others.  This is where some get the freedom confused.  It is this confusion is due to the blind self idolatry.  Here is why:

Bible Translation Test

In recent history, printing bibles has become a business.  As time goes on we see the shifts in public opinion and cultural norms sway some of the bible translations.  Here we will list 6 verses that are an easy test.  When scanning through what ever bible translations you have you can see if your bible has the subtle changes from the original texts.  These six verses relate to the Divinity of Jesus, the uniqueness of Jesus, and cultural changes like gender neutrality and sexual issues. 

Why Are There So Many Translations?

This is another basic question that gets abused and if left unresearched it can lead to ignorant and incorrect views of The Bible.  Some people just don't have an answer when asked, other people assume they know an answer but it is false.  Yet others see an opportunity to push their bias against The Bible on other genuine inquiring minds in the hopes of steering them away from discovering the truth about The Bible.

If there is one message from God, recorded in a single original language, why is there so many different translations/versions in English?  The true answer is actually pretty simple.  But first you have to understand language. Example:

Freedom for The Law and Sexuality

The Leviticus Law is a go-to area of the bible some use to justify why they can do certain things.  The argument attempts to say that Jesus freed Christians from the old covenant law and that the church currently cherry picks what to follow and what should not be followed.  But, the ignorance of that very scripture is clear when simply looking at who the law is addressed to.

Leviticus 18:22

22 You are not to sleep with a man as with a woman; it is detestable.

This is the verse of 'controversy' 

It is not denied what is being condemned here.  But is being contested is whether or not this behavior is still condemned or not.  But this argument must then address the following verse as well:

23 You are not to have sexual intercourse with any animal, defiling yourself with it; a woman is not to present herself to an animal to mate with it; it is a perversion.

Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorah

It is clear God was not pleased with the inhabitants of these ancient cities.  It is only in recent history that WHY he was not pleased and WHY he destroyed them has been questioned.  Since the event and all through Jewish, early Christan, and until modern church history it has been understood.  With changes in American culture and the church world wide the WHY has been questioned.  But the answer is clear with a simple look.

 Begins in Gen 18:20
20 Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is immense, and their sin is extremely serious.
Right off the bat The Lord states that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah are extremely sinful and their sin is serious.  What is so serious?  They are so enslaved by their sin, it has infected their bodies, souls, and minds to the point of absolute blind slavery.

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