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Unconditional Election

This is a simple definition:

Unconditional election is God’s free choice before creation, not based on foreseen faith, to which traitors he will grant faith and repentance, pardoning them, and adopting them into his everlasting family of joy.

At the core of this are two things:

1.  God gets eternal credit for our eternal salvation
2.  God is supremely sovereign, just, and right in his eternal decrees regarding his creation; man.

Here is why these two cores are so important.

The Universe Before and After The Fall of Man

Scripture makes it clear that our relationship with God changed.  Before Adam and Eve disobeyed God there was a different relational interaction with God.  After they disobeyed God, the relational interaction transformed into something different.

The event that caused the relational change between Mankind and God has been called the "original sin".  Original Sin looks at how the event effected our nature toward God and our standing before him.

Before The Fall

Prior to the event, we can clearly see the universe and mankind in good standing and harmony with creation and God.  Gen 1:31 states that everything was very good.  But note, that God did not say everything was perfect.

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