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The Universe Before and After The Fall of Man

Scripture makes it clear that our relationship with God changed.  Before Adam and Eve disobeyed God there was a different relational interaction with God.  After they disobeyed God, the relational interaction transformed into something different.

The event that caused the relational change between Mankind and God has been called the "original sin".  Original Sin looks at how the event effected our nature toward God and our standing before him.

Before The Fall

Prior to the event, we can clearly see the universe and mankind in good standing and harmony with creation and God.  Gen 1:31 states that everything was very good.  But note, that God did not say everything was perfect.
The world would have been the optimal temperature, the optimal humidity, without pests or diseases, and without anything that would take away from their enjoyment of knowing and being in the presence of God; good and uncorrupted.  They have never known guilt or shame, pain, or sadness.  They were in their physical prime; not aging.  They and optimal joy with themselves and the Lord.  God literally walked with them (Gen 3:8; in the glorified body of the Son of God).  In this time, nothing distracted or took away from being with God (Gen 2:25).  They were in God and God was in them; the expression of a perfect harmonious and unified relationship.

God made them perfectly complementary to each other.  He joined them in marriage so that man can have the same kind of relationship with each other as God does with man (Gen 2:24).

God allowed man to exercise their will over creation (Gen 1:28, 2:15,18-19).  Labor was part of God's uncorrupted design.  But it was enjoyable and effortless.  Adam named all the animals and only ate the plants.  It was not necessary for man to kill the animals for food.  Eve was the perfect and equal helper for all the work Adam was designed to do.

Remember though, the universe was at its optimal and uncorrupted state; but it was not declared perfect and free from corruption, yet.  This is part of God's genius plan for man's perfect freedom.

The Event: The Fall

While in Adam and Eve's innocent yet not perfect state; God grants them free will and uniqueness.  They are not robots but a uniquely created free individual being.  Adam and Eve are lead by a spirit contrary to God to disobey God.  They are lead to break the harmonious union with God and generate a desire a part from God.  They leave the holiness with God for unholiness away from God.  Sin is born in the heart of mankind (Gen 3:22, Romans 5:12, Psalm 51:5, Ephesians 2:2-3)

Because God is perfectly holy, He can have nothing to do with the unholiness of man.  God withdraws himself and the universe becomes corrupted.  But, God is omniscient and knows how mankind will be brought back to the holy relationship and standing with God while simultaneously retaining their free will and uniqueness.

After The Fall

Mankind became corrupted, their heart was unholy, and sin was generated from within.  Without the direct relationship with God and living in harmony with him; man is spiritually dead.  They were alive with God in body and spirit, but with out God they were just created flesh. (Ephesians 2:1-2; Matthew 15:18-19; Romans 7:23; Hebrews 6:1; 9:14).

Adam and Eve's offspring come into the world corrupted due to the spiritual deadness and sinful nature that was first generated in Adam and Even and contaminated the hearts of all their offspring. 
(1 Corinthians 15:22; Romans 5:12-18). 

 The labor became hard and no longer enjoyable.  The relationship with Adam and Eve was difficult.  Their bodies began to age and would eventually be come part of the earth again.  Adam and Eve came to know suffering, hardship, pain, shame, and all the knowledge of being separated from God.  

Creation itself was corrupted without the presence of God.  Animals suffered and had to fight for survival.  Weather became dangerous.  Diseases came through the corruption and spread to animals and man.

The Perfect Hope

God, in his perfect knowledge and plan, already knew the result, the process, and the outcome to redeem the uniqueness of man to himself and retain their freedom.  God will bring mankind back into harmony and unity with Him and create a new heaven and new earth free from what the fall generated.  The perfect hope rids corruption, restores completely, and retains freedom. (Rev 21:1-5).

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