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How Facebook Reveals Your Heart

Social Networking has become a modern phenomena.  First it was America Online and its instant messenger then Geocities and Tripod.  It allowed people to connect on a more impersonal level.   Then came Friendster and Myspace.  These allowed people to create an image of a persona they want the world to see.  An image of their desired self.  Over timed it turned from a page set up to a focus on content shared.  Here we are, we can see into the heart and mind of people by the things they desire to share and say for everyone of their friends to see. 

Because of the natural condition of the human heart; our heart uses facebook to satisfy its natural desire for acceptance, identity, notoriety, and glory.  It can be made into a tool for self idolatry or to support and encourage other idolatries in the world.  But the truth about facebook is that we can see the fruit of the someone by their comments and things they share.  This article is convicting, not condemning.  Here is why:

God, The Holy Spirit

One of the most misunderstood and mischaracterized persons of the Trinity of God himself is the person of The Holy Spirit.  Man gets confused with feelings, emotions, wind, or just thought of as a 'force'.  Yet, scripture makes it clear He is a unique, co-equal, divine person of the Trinity that makes  God himself.  This simple study will help understand him more clearly.

God The Father

The first person of the Triune God, is God The Father.  This study looks at who this person of the Trinity is.

By Christ's Work Alone

On what date did you make yourself come from spiritual death to life?  How did you give birth to your own spirit?  What steps and procedure did you do and work hard at to save yourself from death?  If you say anything besides "none" or "zip" or "nada"; you have mild case of thinking that you are god.  Because only God can bring people to spiritually life from spiritual death; we are not God.  That's right, God himself declares that we are spiritually dead from birth.  We are D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival).  So how do we become alive and  right before God?

God's Glory Alone

God is the almighty sovereign and eternal God and creator of all things.  He is perfect is his goodness and righteousness, justice and mercy.  Man, is not.  Man corrupts what it touches and is not good without God. 

So who deserves the glory for what is good in the world?

Abortion and God's Gift

To cut through all the human emotion and partisan opinions we need answer the fundamental questions that lead us to the truth of this issue.  To obtain the knowledge of God we must search his Word and not lean on our own views and opinions:

 Is the unborn child a human person in God's image?

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