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On what date did you make yourself come from spiritual death to life?  How did you give birth to your own spirit?  What steps and procedure did you do and work hard at to save yourself from death?  If you say anything besides "none" or "zip" or "nada"; you have mild case of thinking that you are god.  Because only God can bring people to spiritually life from spiritual death; we are not God.  That's right, God himself declares that we are spiritually dead from birth.  We are D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival).  So how do we become alive and  right before God?

Spiritually Dead

The Thing that makes us dead from birth is something we can not remove ourselves.  How does a dead body clean its self and prevent its decay forever?  It can't.  Its dead.  It has become an inanimate fleshly object that once housed a person.  In the same spiritual way, we are spiritually dead and are unable to will ourselves to spiritual life because of this thing that has caused our spiritual death.  That thing is sin. 

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The Perfect Solution

This is were Jesus Christ, God himself, took on a human fleshly body to take care of that thing that we could not (John 1).  He lived a spiritually filled life, that we could not live.  Perfect and sinless.  Then, at the cross, removed our sin and gave us his life.  He became our thing so that we could become alive.  Only Christ could have done this as he is the only one able to.

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The Only One Worthy

Jesus Christ became our savior, advocate, and mediator.  There could only be one worthy enough before God to justly take on our sin and be our propitiation (Col 1:13-18, Romans 3:24-25, Hebrews 2:17, 1 John 4:10).  His perfect life in exchange for our perfect sin.  Because of this superior uniqueness of this work, he alone is our just and righteous mediator to God (1 Tim 2:5-6).

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It is only by Jesus Christ's work that anyone is saved.  That also means that there is nothing sinful man does that invokes their own spiritual birth.  There is no other way that man can be justly right before God- except through the works of Jesus Christ.

No "sinner's prayer" or X number of 'good' deeds will ever be enough to bring a spirit to life.  A dead spirit can not just will itself to life.  Mankind has the essential need of the work of Christ.  It is by Christ's work alone that we can be right before God and have eternal life.

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