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The God of Life, Adopts

Why would God need to adopt us?  Are we not God's Child already?  Is there something that separates us from God?  Why doesn't God just snap his fingers and make everything right?  Is everyone going to be adopted by God?  All these questions hit to the heart of how God is the God of Life and does what even most people are unwilling to do; adopt rebellious orphaned children.  This article addresses all these questions with what God himself reveals.

Female Elders and Overseers

Female pastors and elders has become a hot button issue in more recent generations.  If God has no issue with female pastors, neither should we BUT if God makes it clear about his ordained unique roles in His church, we ought to obey.  To know the TRUTH on this matter is extremely important.  It is the difference between standing on truth and obedience or denying God's truth and being disobedient.  That's huge.  To properly understand this, we must ALWAYS go to God's Word first.  We will pick apart 1 Timothy 2:11-14, 3:1-7, 8-13, Titus 1:5-9, and then address common arguments.

Spark Spiritual Conversations

There is something that transcends this physical material world.  Every human knows it, feels it.  All humanity, atheists, humanists, agnostics, and all other religions all willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly admit that there are two elements of the human existence; purpose/meaning and belonging.  These are the essential elements of human existence that will ALWAYS spark spiritual thought and lead to a gospel presentation.

The Importance of The Gospel Message

Why is telling people the gospel so important?  Can't you just live a happy wealthy life and tell everyone around you that God is blessing you?  Isn't that good enough?  Why does it matter if we tell anyone about the person, works, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus?

When Christians Support Abortion

Christians can support abortion in different ways.  They may support it indirectly but knowingly through an organization, politician, or political party who advocate for abortion.  Or they may outright support it directly.  Either way, a Christian is supporting something that contradicts their faith, offends God, oppresses life, perpetuates dehumanization, inequality, and hinders the gospel.  This article exposes the Christian hypocrisy and false worship of supporting abortion.

The Women's Rights to Her Body

A fundamental argument for abortion is the Woman's Bodily Rights, or "reproductive rights" justification.  The ultimate and most common argument for being Pro-"Choice" (pro-abortion) is the argument for the mother to decide for herself, leaving the option for abortion wide open and often suggested and hinted.  But is the Fetus her body?  Do rights justify immorality?  Is her body really her own?  There is a fundamental flaw in this logical when it comes to divine, objective, universal truth.

LIFE, The Nature of God

One of the most important Natures of God himself is his nature of LIFE.  He created life, sustains life, and gives eternal life.  Even those whom hate him, he keeps them alive, wakes them up everyday, and will give them a separate eternal life as well.  Understanding this Nature of God also helps us correctly see the His desires and Will regarding the issue of abortion.

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