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Jesus, The Son of God

This is one of the largest and most important characteristic of Jesus; it is also one of the most offensive.

In Matthew 26:63, while on trial, Jesus is asked directly if he is the Christ, Son of God.  He had remained completely silent up to this point.  Jesus then responds with a very powerful statement.  (Matthew 26:64) He then redirects their train of thought off him Jesus 'of Nazareth' but on to Daniel 7:13-14 prophecy about the son of man coming from heaven; and applying that it himself. He is Jesus 'of God' "like a son of man" coming from heaven. He connects the Son of God and the son of man into 1 person; himself (John 19:7).  Deity and Humanity, together, in him.

Jesus, The One Like a Son of Man

Jesus refers to himself as the Son of Man; but what does that mean?

For the Jewish people around 25 AD living under the oppression of Rome, they would have known Daniel 7 very well.  They have been taught about their slaver in Egypt, Babylon, and now currently under the rule of Rome.  Daniel 7:13 gave them hope of a coming person; "ONE LIKE a son of man".  This individual was not a man but was LIKE a man and he was coming.  This One like a son of man was given authority and sovereign power over all people and all people will worship him (Daniel 7:14).  After continued slavery by different nations through their history, this individual would usher in a kingdom that would never be destroyed.  This person is the messiah the save them from Roman rule and establish their nation again.

What Did Clement of Rome Teach

Earliest Church leader and teacher outside of The Bible.

Appointed by Peter to lead the Christian community in Rome according to Tertullian.  He is mentioned by Paul in Philippians 4:3.  He knew the Apostles personally and would have access to a lot of eye witness testimony of Jesus and original writings himself.  A every early 2nd century extra-biblical writing called The Shepard of Hermas also mentions him.  In his letter, Clement names Fortunatus, as one of the people who carry his letter to Corinth.  He is named by Paul in 1 Corinthians 16:17 as well.

The only reliably known writing from him is known as 1st Clement to Corinth. A 2nd letter has his name attached but is clear it was not by him.

He was martyred around 98-100 AD.

What makes his writing and teaching so important?

How To Fight Your Sin

To know HOW to fight sin; we need to be able to recognize it and understand WHERE it comes from first.  This can be broken down into 4 Phases of how sin becomes a reality in our actions.  Within each Phase there is an opportunity to fight, resist, and be victorious against sins growth.

The Sparked temptation & Implanted desire:

Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Prosperity Teaching

In this new season of the Church, a new teaching has developed in America and spread to the rest of the world.  It is a teaching about spiritual positive thinking and speakingIt has become popular in America and developing parts of the world.  But what exactly is this teaching saying and how does it impact the hearts of those who listen to it?

You will notice a lot of catch words in these teachings and used by those who follow these new teachings.  Words like, victory, favor, claim, declare, destiny, and portions.  When used these words are positive in their context.  Sounds good right?  They go a step further and teach that by YOUR words that YOU create YOUR own Health, Wealth, Happiness, Prosperity, and ultimately your Destiny.  Sounds even better right?

Me, Myself, And I and "Doing Me"

Examining our selves is an important part to seeing where our hearts truly stand.  Fasting, private bible study and private prayer life are extremely important to our relationship and growth with the Lord.  BUT there is a big difference between "doing me" and seeking to mature in faith because they are not always the same.

When "me, myself, and I" and "doing me" takes away from how to love and care for others; that is sin.  A continuation of this mentality leads us to then idolize ourselves.  Our self becomes the most important thing.  More important than loving others.   More important than loving our enemies.  Eventually, more important than loving God.

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