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The "Jesus didn't say it" Reasoning

With so much debate in our culture, there is a quick judgment to condemn people for quoting scripture for their reason or their lack of support or lack of encouragement for certain cultural issues.  One of these forms of reasoning why some feel scripture quoting Christians are bigots its this:  "Jesus did not specifically say..." or "Jesus did not specifically mention..."  The reason is assuming that because the topic or moral issue is not mentioned in the red lettering of a bible, than Jesus did not have anything to say about the issue.  But there is one major and critical problem with that reasoning. 

But before I can just slam the line of reasoning as a failure I want to first show why.

Why is Jesus so important?

The world understands Jesus to be the Christians' moral guide and center of faith.  If he said it, Christians need to believe it.  If he does not say it, than they think some other person did and it does not hold the same weight as if Jesus said it.  Most of the time people are just using this as an attempt to shut bible quoting Christians up.  But we need to go deeper and ask the real important question:

Who is Jesus?

Simply put, Jesus is God himself in the flesh.  God came down from heaven, clothed himself in human flesh, did what was his will and purpose to do for coming into time, space, and flesh then left space and time.  If you struggle with this, please read By Christs Works Alone and Jesus Is God.  Because Jesus is God, the next question is:

What About The Rest of The Bible?

The Bible makes it clear that its authors recorded God's direct influence in their mind, heart, and lives.  God spoke through them and to them.  Through the Prophets and Apostles, God himself, used them to record his eternal truths.  The make known the explicit truths and moral principles that govern his creation.  If you struggle with this, please read Scripture Alone.

This brings us to an important cross roads in our reasoning.  If Jesus is God and The Bible is God's Word; that means...

The Bible is Jesus' words.

This is the problem in the reasoning in those who argue that Jesus did not specifically address certain issues.  If the issue is addressed or there are moral applicable principles anywhere in the bible, that means that Jesus did in fact and undoubtable addressed them.

From here there are only two routes.  To deny hand picked parts of the bible as Jesus' word or to deny Jesus as God.  Denying the hand picked parts of scripture is the easiest option.  Most Christians do not fully understand how we have the bible and how reliable it is.  This is not the fault of scripture but a fault of ignorant Christians about scripture. 

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