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SCOTUS and God

5 Justices of the Supreme court of the United States of America made a decision for the of the population and indirectly the rest of the world.  I am not going to get into the politics of the issue because there is something greater than politics going on here. The greater is God's Will, God's Wrath, and The Churches stance.

God's Will

The world is more than happy to accept the Supreme court ruling as God's Will, even if they don't believe in God.  Some Christians are offended by the ruling; others are outranged.  But the fact of the matter is; the ruling was God's Will and the church needs to accept God's will, not the ruling.  The ruling is not God's decree but just his Will to allow Man to make that decree for themselves. 

God's Wrath

The ruling was part of God's Wrath.  This is hard to understand in the modern American culture of feel good, health, wealth, and happiness but a simple look at God's own word in Romans 1 makes this very clear.

America was given over to their sin.  The "moral" majority and 5 judges lusted for the lie.  So, God's Wrath was revealed by handing them over to their lusts.  Its that simple.  God literally allowed this to happen as judgment because of their hearts.  His wrath is to allow them to destroy themselves by living for themselves and worshiping a god they invent and become slaves to themselves and serve themselves.  (Romans 1:18, 23-26, 28, 32)

The True Churches stance:

This issue will help make more clear those who love the Lord more than themselves or who love themselves more than the Lord.  If God decrees that I am wrong; am I going to say "No, he is wrong" or am I going to accept what God decrees?  This issue will make more clear the true church. 

Nothing New Under The Sun

This is nothing new for the people of God to have to endure.  Lot was essentially told by them "don't judge me" (Gen 19:9).  The early church under Rome faced accusations by them as recorded by an apology written to a second century emperor.  Now here we are again, called bigots, homophobes, and told "don't judge".  The one thing that remained consistent were those who truly loved the lord and his decrees.

What Does The Church Do Now

The people of God continue to do exactly what they are called to do despite the lost world around them.  They hold true to God's decrees and like Lot, the early church, and Christians now; continue to preach the need for repentance and salvation FROM the wrath of God.  The Gospel is good news because of the condition of mankind.  With out seeing sin, there is no need to see a savior. 

Those who love the lord will continue in this truths no matter the pressures of social and physical persecution.  Those who love themselves more than the lord will fall away and join in silence or support of the lie the world has bought into.

God's Words to Meditate On:

Matthew 10:32-39

2 Timothy 3:1-5

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