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The Church and Politics

How should the true body of Christ respond to an ever growing hostile and aggressive political landscape?   To get a well rounded grasp on this issue, please check out God and The Government and Who would Jesus vote for?  What happens when secular society and worldly minded, politically charged activists, demand support from the Church for their political agendas and candidates?  We will look at the deeper issue than just the game of politics.

Providing secular society and political solutions is an every day responsibility for all Christians. Proclaiming The Gospel in all areas of society is a duty for the true body of Christ.  Reflecting Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Kindness is intertwined in the gospel message.  To a secular society that may not be enough or is not what is being demanded.

Protests & Civil Disobedience

Protesting injustices and publicly calling for what is right, should be a concern for the Church.  But through public demonstrations, the gospel must be proclaimed in it.  Christ must be seen and heard through it.  If there is no gospel message being proclaimed, than the means to an end is carnality and a worldly temporary fix.

In the public discourse, it is easy for Christians to become slanderous, hateful, and use the same worldly argumentative ideals and language.  The recent political discussions of 2016 is proof of this.  A political candidate is labeled, slandered, and judged as a hateful racist.  Then when politicians of the opposite race supports that candidate, hateful, slanderous racism is used against him for his support.  This is hypocrisy; being hypocritically judgemental.

When selfish desires and dependence on emotions control ones judgement; the protests and civil disobedience turns from seeking justice and calling for what is right to something else.  That something else is disunity, murder of the heart, and dishonor to God.  Complete disregard for the gospel message and God's Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness.


When secular society and carnal 'christians' riot, incite riots, or support rioting; the true body of Christ should not.  When protests turn to destroying property, injuring people, disregard for legitimate law and order; the protests are acting against the gospel message.  Individuals involved continue to fall farther in their corruption and carnal thinking.

Demand for Support

The world and carnal christians will call for support from the church, thinking that their cause and efforts are justified; all while forgetting their own hypocrisy and disregard for the gospel.  This is an ample opportunity for the Church to stand up and declare what is right.  An opportunity to declare The Gospel message to the rioters, carnal protesters, and backsliding christians.  To bring the focus off the political climate and on to the person and work of Jesus Christ.

This is not easy and it is not popular.  It is not going to give what the world and carnal christians want, but will provide them what they need; eternal hope.  There will be resistance and the same hypocritical statements used in the discourse will be used against those in the church whom take a stand for proclaiming the gospel.

If The Church does not

Without redirecting the thinking and focus from the carnal means to an end, society will continue to degrade itself and fall father in spiritual corruption. If the Church fears the opinions and slanderous-ness of man; they have denied God, and God will bring judgement accordingly.  It is imperative that the church responds.  If the Church does not take a stand and boldly proclaim the gospel over political agendas; it will be ineffective and useless.  

The Response

The response needs to be pointing to the person and work of Jesus Christ in the face of injustice.  The response needs to reflect Christ.  The response to injustices needs to be Gracious and Forgiving.  The response to the worldly demands for support needs to be Gracious and Merciful.

We are all sinners.  We all have acted unrighteous toward one another at one point in deed or heart.  We all have acted unjustly toward one another.  No one is excused.  God has held us accountable for our hypocrisy, unrighteousness, unjust actions and words.  God, in his sovereignty, will bring true justice on all those whom it is required.  A justice that no one in this world can offer or escape.  A just judgement we all deserve.  Which is why he, himself, came in the form of man, Jesus Christ; to take on that judgement on himself for our behalf.  He shows each one of us Grace and Mercy.  Through Jesus Christ, he Forgives us from all our injustice and unrighteousness.


The Trump supporter is just as a sinner as the anti-Trump protester.  The Hilary or Sanders supporter is a sinner just as the Trump or Cruz supporter is.  The Democratic party is made up of sinners just as the Republican party is.  Every supporter of any candidate is a sinner that is in desperate need of Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Aggressive demands of support for one candidate or another; or aggressive protests will not solve a nations troubles.  Judging supporters or candidates and slandering them only validates the greater need for Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness; and reveals the absence of The Gospel message in the political discourse.

It is the duty of the Church to take a stand against Racial, and Political slander, hatred and hypocrisy.  To declare in one voice that Jesus is Lord and Savior; not the political party or candidate.  To actively support those who proclaim the Gospel Message boldly and fearlessly.  To expose and denounce acts of aggression and violence; and to be civilly disobedient toward the societal demands of hypocritical support.

Serving The Lord through politics and YOU

How YOU interact in the world around you is not done for you or for anyone else, but is done before God himself.  What YOU say, support, and take part in, is at its core, how YOU worship God.  Is God glorified when christans slander others?  More specifically, do YOU bring God glory when you hypocritically judge political candidates and their supporter?  Do YOU proclaim The Gospel message in your political discussions?  Do YOU show Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness to ALL political candidates and their supporters?  Are YOU more righteous than they are?  Examine yourself.  Remind yourself, that when we are in sin, it is ultimately against God.

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