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Open Letter to Faith Healers and their followers

To all whom it may concern,

I am writing this to all those who claim to supernaturally heal in Jesus' name and to all those who believe in these faith healers.  I have three key areas of questions.

I want to start off and state that I do not believe the gift of healing has ceased absolutely.  I absolutely believe God heals still to this day in the same ways he healed in biblical times as He sees fit when he wills it (1 Corinthians 12:9).  My purpose for writing to you is to hopefully get you to see if what you are doing is actually of God for God, even if you feel or think it may be.  I pray that I edify you, convict those whom the Holy Spirit convicts of misrepresenting God, and offer solutions.

(1) My first area of question is the type of healing performed. As I personally witness 'healing sessions' and hear from those who feel as if they have been healed I notice something important.  Why are terminal illnesses not healed?  I see a commonality in healers.  They "rebuke" the sickness in "Jesus' name" which is scriptural, and by all accounts in scripture, the sickness is instantly healed.  Why are the majority of healers not rebuking cancer in hospitals?   My second issue is type of healing of physical deformities.  Why are the blind not given vision and the deaf not able to hear, instantly?  A major question is why are healers not raising people from the dead?

The Apostles were given this gift and they performed all these specific healings.  They healed terminal illnesses, gave the blind sight and hearing to the deaf; made the crippled walk and even raised people from the dead.  If this is the same gift given by the Holy Spirit, why are modern healers not doing the same?  And in just about every case, why are they not healed instantly?  Is the gift not as powerful as it once was?  Is rebuking and claiming in the name of Jesus less effective now than it used to be? 

(2) My second area of question is the location of the healings.  Most people will inevitably have a family member or friend go to the emergency room for an incident or health issue (of which why was it not healed to begin with if already known?).  Why do the healers not go to the hospital and instantly heal them?  A lot of these healers will also preach financial prosperity, what better way to save someone from financial hardship than by getting them out of the hospital sooner. The healer that is a friend of the family or even a family member can visit the individual in the hospital and heal them.  Why don't they? It does not even need to be a spectacular public event, it can be done just for that family.

If healers truly desire to glorify God and serve those in drastic need through healing, why do they not spend a majority of their time walking the halls of hospitals where a majority of those in drastic need are?  A recent issue I noticed, was one healing session which was done privately at a home, healing aches and pains; while a family member was in the ICU at the hospital at the same time.  It struck me as odd that they would 'heal' those who were willing to believe in the healing with less pressing issues, but did not go heal the individual who desperately needed it with obvious and serious health complications. 

(3) My third area of concern is the healers themselves.  Why do some wear glasses, have high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health issues that can be healed?   I see training videos from healers that show how to heal your self, yet, they are wearing glasses because of their degrading vision.  Why did they not heal their vision using the self healing technique they are teaching? 

All these questions shed light on the real cumulative issue:  Are these true healings performed by persons actually gifted by The Holy Spirit to heal?  Followers of these healers will say that they know it is true because they were healed from aches and pains or witnessed someones pain go away, but my follow up question is this:  Do they know anyone that was blind, crippled, on the verge of death, or was actually dead and raised back to life by this healer?  If not, why only subtle less drastic healings? 

The absolute purpose of biblical healing is to be such an undeniable miracle that people who witnessed it, and those who were healed, are absolutely compelled to worship God.  It is done for people, in front of people, for all to know and see the absolute power of God.  How powerful is that to talk to someone who was raised from the dead or to go to the gym with someone whom was born crippled but now can dead-lift heavy weights; Or even talk with someone who was born mute, or go to a concert with someone who was born deaf.  What about going to the movies with someone who was born blind.  Would that not be a daily powerful reminder of the power of God?  Jesus rebuked people who depended on his miracles and not HIM because trusting in HIM is greater than needing to witness miracles in order to believe (John 4:48). (study: Acts 2:22; 14:3, Luke 9:1-2)

Let me make some important statements that puts healing in a real context.  The Holy Spirit is not the only one who can and will heal people.  Scripture makes it clear that people who don't even know Jesus, can do miracles (Matthew 7:21-23).  The Bible says that even some of these healers, who do not know Jesus, will claim it in Jesus name! (Matthew 24:24).  So my question to you is, how do you know the difference? Now let me edify you and help everyone see the difference (1 John 2:18).

The type of healing is not the absolute indicator, the location is not the absolute indicator, and the claiming in Jesus' name is not the absolute indicator; for all these can be done by another spirit whom comes as someone appealing and positive (2 Cor 11:14).  The absolute indicator of healings from God, are these:
  • The true desire to heal desperately sick people- like in hospitals.  People who knowingly have the gift of healing would desire to go where the most need is!  In our modern world, the hospital is that place.  In the Apostles' day the community would bring out all the sick in the streets, in public. Jesus would go to where the sick were specifically as well.
  • The true faith that heals the greatest illnesses and disfigurements.  People who knowingly have the power of God through their gift would be fearless in healing the blind, crippled, paralyzed, mute, deaf, and why not even raise people from the dead for God's absolute undeniable glory and power! 
  • The true message behind the healing.  People who knowingly exercise their God given gift will be embolden by it. They will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all they heal and to all those who witness the healing just as Jesus and the Apostles did.  They, themselves, would know the source of their gift and the power of The Gospel when made visible in the works of healing.
  • The true backing of scripture.  People who heal, would heal in the same way as Jesus, The Apostles, and the Apostles' disciples; because it is the same gift from the same Spirit. Thus it will be congruent to the healings recorded in scripture.  Nothing more (nothing greater than raising the dead), nothing less.  
  • The true humility of the gift.  People who heal do it for God.  The Apostles did not take money or compensation for their free gift from God.  They did not make money off of the families and people they healed.  They did not want to take any credit or any gain for what God did through them.
God does desire to heal, but it is not always a physical healing that he does.  Moses was not allowed to see the promised land and died soon after (Numbers 20:12).  God allowed Satan to inflict illnesses and death on Job's whole family (Job 1:1-22).  Jesus even told the Apostles that some healings can only be done by prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29).  This shows us that God's desire of healing is of Spiritual healing which can be sometimes done through physical healing or even allowing sickness.

A blind man was born blind.  He lived his whole life blind.  He faithfully had people bring him to a pool in the hopes that something from the pool would heal him.  The Apostles asked Jesus what sin his father committed for him to be born this way and live this way.  Jesus stated that it was God's Will that he was born this way and for God's glory that he would be healed in this moment. Boom! Healed! and God was glorified (John 9).  But don't forget, this guy lived his whole life unhealed, begging to be healed, and that God purposely made him blind to begin with. (study: 1 John 5:14-15, 2 Timothy 4:20, 2 Corinthians 12:7–9, John 5, 1 Timothy 5:23)

My recommendation is for everyone to study the healings preformed by Jesus and the Apostles and compare them to modern claims.  Then think about whether or not The Gospel Message was proclaimed as a result of the healing.  Even ask yourself, if you believe in modern healers, do you know The Gospel message youself? If not, why has the healer not proclaimed it to you? We are commanded to TEST the spirits to know if they are from God.  Do you test the healings and healers?  (study: Matthew 4:24; 15:30; Acts 5:12-16; 28:8-9, 1 John 4:1-2)

True eternal healing comes by receiving and believing The Gospel message.  This is why Jesus is the Great Physician because he is the only one who heals the soul from its sickness of sin.  Any healing done without proclaiming the Gospel message is only superficial. It is possible that it could be from another spirit to keep you distracted from focusing and hearing on The Gospel.  Healing is temporary anyway because we are all going to physically die.  Only the supernatural healing of souls will give us eternal life. (study: 1 Peter 2:24Revelation 21:4, Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 4:23, 1 Cor 15:2, Eph 2:8) 

My prayer is that everyone who reads this reflects on where they place their trust and focus.  Do you seek the signs and wonders (which can be deceptive) or The Word (John 1:1).  I pray that everyone receives and believes The Gospel of Jesus Christ and is not distracted or deceived by any other spirit or individual who tries to imitate the signs and wonders of God.  I pray that the healing power of God, heals souls; and if deemed necessary by God, used through healing the flesh.  But that the primary end is proclaiming the Power of The Gospel for God's Glory alone for all eternity and not just in this life. 

If you are a witness of someone instantly healed or is someone who has been healed from a terminal illness, blindness, deaf, mute, birth defects, other physical deformities, on the verge of death, or raised from the dead by someone exercising their God given Gift of Healing; please, I want to hear your testimony!

Please know, receive and trust in the greatest healing message of all: The Gospel Message

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