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We are a simple resource and network that connects individuals and churches to sound doctrine of the Christian faith.  We support and encourage all the non-denominations, interdenominational, and denominations that adhere to sound doctrine explained in our Statement of Faith.  We support and defend the truth of Christian orthodox Faith and expose heresies and outside orthodox teachings and teachers. We use social networks, and websites to reach Christians, ministries, and churches all over the world for their edification and God's glory.


Much of it is found in who we are.  We seek to continue the teachings of Jesus from The Apostles and about Jesus from The Prophets and proclaim The Gospel and the Glory of God for all people, in all nations for all generations.  To build and expand The Kingdom of God and maintain the purity of the Church through sound doctrine from Holy Scripture.


We are asking church pastors, church leaders, and anyone who is called to lead the Church and teach the generations to Contact Us with their support and affirmation of the 2014 Universal Statement of Truths of The Christian Faith (Read it here).  Like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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