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THE FIVE skopeō TEST of Spirits

Jonathan Edward’s True Work of the Holy Spirit Test;  During the great awakening all kinds of religious ideas started flying around to the church and from the church.  Jonathan Edwards carefully studied 1 John 4:1-8 and was able to pull 5 principles to test if an idea, teacher, or teaching was lead by The Holy Spirit or another spirit.

Take the Test The Teaching test to help discern if it is of the Lord or not.  It is a  9 question test and takes less than 5 minutes.  CLICK HERE

1.  Exalts and Points to The TRUE Christ.  If they teach truth about Jesus Christ, as this is who the Holy Spirit is a witness of.  THEREFORE: If any teaching or teacher is untrue about Jesus Christ, it is the spirit of the anti-Christ and NOT The Holy Spirit.  Yet they may claim to be spirit filled and spirit lead, but not by the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit mission is to Point to the persona and works of Christ (Read 1 John 4:2:3, John 16:12-15).

2.  Opposes Satan's Interests.  The Holy Spirit leads to eternal truths not worldly carnal ends.  He is against Sin, against untruths, against worldly desires, materialism, emotionalism, self seeking self satisfying idolatry, and against anything that distracts God's people from focusing on The Cross and Jesus Christ. (1 John 2:15-16, Read John 16:8-11)

3.  Points People To Scripture.  The Holy Spirit speaks through scripture and leads people to read, believe, trust, and apply what is taught in scripture as sole authority from God himself.  He leads people to listen, believe and understand the truths in the Bible.  THEREFORE: "other" spirits will lead away from scripture or twist scripture.  Lead people to trust in someone or something other than divinely living and spirited scripture of God. (Read 1 John 4:6, John 16:15)

4.  He Elevates TRUTH.  Truth is the light and it shines bright in dark areas.  Light can not be dark therefore truth can not contradict itself or be in error.  Jesus Christ is The Truth and The Light to the world.  Any teachings or teacher that contradicts anything about Jesus or scripture is in error and not inspired by The Holy Spirit.  But he does lead people to repentance who do fall into error.  But the teachings of the world and teachers from the world would not repent and justify error one way or another.  THEREFORE: Teachings about Jesus Christ in Scripture that are in error are not from The Holy Spirit but the spirit of the anti-Christ. (read 1 John 4:5, John 3:20)

5.  It WILL result in Love for GOD and OTHERS.  It is impossible for The Holy Spirit not to do what he was sent to do.  Therefore He WILL ALWAYS do what he was sent to do.  That is to Council us to become more like Christ, Convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgement, and guide into all the truth of Jesus Christ.  This as a result pushes the world away and brings the saved closer.  Growing in faith WILL lead to LOVE, because God is Love.  But not only love for God but love for OTHERS.  Notice, you are not the focus.  Christ was perfectly humble and he always Glorified God The Father, The holy Spirit does not glory himself but Christ, and God The Father glorified his Son Jesus Christ.  See, perfect humility is NOT thinking about your self but OTHERS.  THEREFORE: Teachings and teachers that bring the focus on yourself or themselves for their glory or your glory is NOT from The Holy Spirit. (John 16:7-15, 1 John 4:7-13)

Simply put:

THE FIVE skopeō TEST (greek for "focus")

1.  Focus is on Christ Alone.
2.  Focus is on Eternal truths.
3.  Focus is on Scripture Alone.
4.  Focus is on God's Glory Alone.
5.  Focus is on Sacrificing self for others.

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