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Gift of Tongues Test:

True gifts of Tongues from The Holy Spirit:
  1. AGREEMENT:  The interpreted message will completely agree with scripture.
  2. REAL LANGUAGE: It will be a real and intelligible spoken language (also see the Tongues of Angels, and What Language Do Angels Speak)(1 Cor 14:10)
  3. RELAY GOD'S WORD: It will relay Holy Scripture to a person of another language (Acts 2:6-12).
  4. UNDERSTOOD OR INTERPRETED:  It must be  interpreted for God's Glory, if performed in church (1 Cor 14:27-28)
  5. FOR UNBELIEVERS:  It is done for unbelievers to witness God's power and validate the believers message. (1 Cor 14:22). 
  6. NOT CONFUSING: It will not be confusing but lead to the growth of faith (1 Cor 14:33)
  7. HOLY SPIRIT DECIDES: It will be granted by the Holy Spirit alone, and not by excessive pray, fasting, or human will (1 Cor 12:11).
So many Christian groups are claiming to be speaking in 'tongues'.  We want to know if they are of God or of another spirit (1 John 4).  This Seven Point test examines the claim with scripture.  Failure of any of these points simply exposes the claim as not of God, but of man's will or another spirit.

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