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  • Break Down of The Gospel Message
  • Essentials of The Gospel Message
  • The Gospel presented in different ways
    • The Romans Road: The very basic and simply presentation with 4 verses from The Book of Romans.
    • Religiousness: For those who try and act religious or 'subscribe to a religious belief system'.  Works Based Faith.
    • License to Sin:  For those who claim faith in Jesus but feel no need for a change in their sinful lifestyle.  Cheap Grace Faith
    • No Need:  For those who feel no need for 'a religion' or are simply agnostic or apathetic to Jesus.  Apathetic Faith
    • No Point: For those who feel there is nothing spiritual, outside of this world, or supernatural.  Typically atheist or refusal to believe in anything spiritual.  Atheistic Faith
    • All Roads Lead to God: For those who feel all religious systems lead to God and Jesus is just one of the many ways.  Uselessness of Christ Faith.
    • Child Like Faith: For children old enough to understand their sinfulness. 

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