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The Gospel Break Down

"The Gospel" means "The Good News". 

What is the good news?

The Good news is that we can be reconciled back to God. 

Why Do I (or anyone) need this news?

The Gospel reveals a predisposition of man kind.  That it is not currently with God.  So with the Good news comes the reality of the 'Bad' state of being.  Everything from here explaining who what why and how is the Gospel Message for all men.

The Gospel message can be broken down into 5 parts.  Each part leads to the next in the explanation of God's message to the world.
  1. God
  2. Man
  3. Sin
  4. Jesus
  5. Relationship

  1. God is Perfect.  Eternal.  Holy.  Right.  Just.  Love.  Good.  Creator.  All Knowing.  All Powerful.  All Present.  Spirit.  Gracious. Merciful.  Forgiving.  Kind.  
  2. God created Man for His glory and Love. 
  1. Man was created in the likeness of God, good, free, and designed to have a personal relationship with God.
  2. God made man free to Love.
  3. God Loved man and knew what was best for man.  He desired obedience from Man because of his love and knowledge of what was best.
  4. Man being free, was tempted to disobey God and out of their free hearts they chose to disobey God.
  1. Sin was born in the heart of man.  It became natural to give into temptation and seek ways that are apart from God and self serving.
  2. Man no longer loved God but themselves.  They loved themselves so much they become enslaved to their sinful desires and become lost.
  3. Man became unholy, unrighteous, and sinful- no longer good. 
  4. God is Holy and Perfect and therefore could no longer be with Man. 
  5. In God's Love for Man, He allowed man to go their own way.  
  6. In God's kindness He allowed man to continue to live in their sin. 
  7. God is Just and Right therefore He could not rightly hold back his Perfect Justice forever.  He judged man sinful and dead but held back his wrath because He had a plan from the beginning.
  1. God instilled his moral law on the hearts and minds of man for the purpose of showing man how sinful and lost they are.
  2. God made himself known in creation so that man could come back to him through his plan.
  3. God is Perfectly Just and the Price of Sin, Debt to Sin, and judgment of Sin must be taken care of.
  4. God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to become what man was infected by.  He become Sin to pay for it.
  5. He was Born by a virgin and lived a sinless perfect life for Man.
  6. God traded the value of sin for His Son on mans behalf.  Man did not have anything of value to replace and cover up their eternal offence to God.  Jesus willingly paid the price of sin instead of man; death.
  7. Jesus willingly went to The Cross to die.  Knowing God's Plan to redeem man through him.
  8. God played the debt of sinful slavery.  He cleared the debts that required a just punishment and replaced it with the punishment on His Son.
  9. Jesus is God, and after paying the price and debt of sin; he rose from the dead and returned to heaven. 
  10. God is Perfect in Love, Mercy and Forgiveness to all those who come to Him through faith in Jesus Christ and what he did for them. 
  11. The work of Jesus Christ now justifies Man before God.  They are able to come to him and receive the Gracious gift of an eternal relationship with God.
  1. When Man comes to faith in God through Jesus Christ they are made alive by The Holy Spirit.  Their spirit is born and they become a new person before God and in reality.  They are given a new heart that transforms their life forever.
  2. Man's slavery to Sin is paid and their price of sin taken care of, they are made free to come back to God.
  3. Still as sinners, Man is then empowered by God himself by The Holy Spirit through Faith in Jesus Christ.  Their sins are covered while still in the corrupted world.  They are given the Righteousness of Jesus Christ because they have none of their own. 
  4. Man is empowered to Love God and adopted as His child and employed as messengers to all the world. 
  5. On their own efforts they fail, but are forgiven.  They are Graciously given Mercy and forgiveness all the days of their lives until God decides to take them out of the world and make His Righteousness theirs for all eternity.
  6. Because of Man's faith in the Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and only by the Grace of God; they are made Holy and forever with God for all eternity.

So what's the Good News?
  1. We can know God Himself personally.
  2. We can live at Peace with God.
  3. We can be free from guilt and things that enslave us.
  4. We can be a new person, the person God originally desired us to be.
  5. We can be empowered by God to do his work in the world on his behalf.
  6. We can never be condemned.
  7. We can have eternal life with Him after this world. 
THAT is some very good news!

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