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Jesus Christ's Hypostatic Union

Hypostatic Union is a term given to describe the uniqueness of who Jesus is in his essence.  Jesus was God the Son who came to earth and was fully human at the same time.  It is very easy to jump to the conclusion that this seems like a contradiction but faithfully thinking through it with scripture helps us see that Jesus was fully God and fully man simultaneously.

Lets first look at each nature of Jesus.

  1. Jesus has always been God and is divine (John 8:58, 10:30).  He is eternal in his existence because he is The One true God.  Thus, who He is, is unchanging and always was. 
  2. Jesus was incarnated (Luke 1:35) and became fully human in body (John 1:14).  God took on a human body and also a human nature.  He subjected himself to pain, sadness, hunger, and got tired.

He is divine and human, but his divinity is not mixed or limited by his humanity.  His divinity and humanity co-exist with in him.  At times he willingly chooses to not fully exorcise his divinity and voluntarily subjects himself to his humanity (John 4:6, 19:28) and other times he willingly chooses to exorcises his divinity fully (john 11:43, Matthew 14:18-21).

The key here is that Jesus, being God, willingly and voluntarily allowed himself to be in the human body.  Incarnating himself in the flesh he walked around and used his biological vocal cords to make sounds and use his brain processes to speak a chosen language.  But, as he saw fit, some times he did things that his human body was not able to do but only his divine nature could.  This shows that he was not unwillingly limited.

Jesus is The God-man; One Being, fully God, fully man.  Thus God in his perfect and infinite knowledge and wisdom directly knew the feelings and nature of humanity and there was nothing new or learned by God.  Being conceived in a human nature, in a human body, was for those whom he loves to prove his perfect love for them (Hebrews 2:17; Philippians 2:5-11).  Nothing changed in God or in his natures.  

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