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God's Judgement on Nations through its Leaders

God is in absolute control in propping up and/or allowing Leaders of nations to rise and fall.   These leaders either lead to the nations dependence on God or lead the nation to not depend on God.  This article will look at God's judgement on a nation through its leaders.

Recognizing The Direction

First thing God makes clear in scripture when it comes to allowing certain kinds of leaders to rise is when God hands people over to their sinful desires (Romans 1:24; 11:7-8).  His judgement over a nation can fall on any and all nations as his will determines (Ezekiel 5:15; Isaiah 34:5).  This is not referring to the final judgement, but a kind of reproach that leads those who are called to turn to the Lord in the face of their nation's judgement (John 5:24).  For Christians who have fallen into being like the world, their judgement is disciplinary but for people in the nation, it is to their destruction (1 Corinthians 11:30, 32; Acts 12:23).

Wicked Direction and its Breaking Point

God is the ruler over all nations (Psalms 22:28);  when a nation seeks for its self its own gods that reflect their own desires; God grants them their wish.  God tolerates sin in his grace and kindness up to an absolute point (Genesis 15:16) that when He alone deems necessary to judge (Genesis 15:14).  It is this 'breaking point' that absolutely justifies God's perfect justice and righteous judgement (Deuteronomy 9:4).  Arrogant hearts (Isaiah 2:11; 3:15; 13:11), idolatry (of self, possessions, status, or ideals) (Jeremiah 16:18; Ezekiel 23:20), bribery (Isaiah 1:23), extortion (Ezekiel 22:12), and the oppression of the poor (Isaiah 10:2; Malachi 3:4).

The Four Combined Cultural Sins that Justify God's Judgement

Scary similarities in the reasoning for God judging nations in Leviticus 18:20–25.  Keep in mind verse 24, “the nations, which I am driving out before you, have become unclean, and the land became unclean, so that I punished its iniquity, and the land vomited out its inhabitants” Now look at what made them become unclean: Adultery (v20), Child sacrifice/abortion (v21), Homosexual intercourse (v22), and beastiality (v23).  Now when considering the modern world, we see that 3 of 4 are acceptable, legal, and practiced.  The fourth one, beastiality, is sure to follow as the other 3 are made acceptable cultural norms.

The Fourth: Zoosexualism

The same societal reaction to beastiality currently, is the same reaction society had about homosexuality 60 years ago.  As culture continually developed we see a society that is making their domesticated pets more humanistic.  The ideology of "love is love" attempts to justify a persons romantic interest to whom ever they choose.  Under that justification, who is to say if someone wants to marry an animal and both creatures 'seem' in love; it would be hypocritically judgemental to say they can't and deny them of that right. After all, love is love right?  In 2004, the term 'zoosexual' was penned.  Zoosexuality, where someone feels that they identify as a sexual orientation.  The Kinsey reports rated the percentage of people who had sexual interaction with animals at some point in their lives as 8% for men and 3.6% for women.  There are many psychiatric researches that show a small prevalence of zoosexual acts.  In the DSM-5, zoophilia rises to the level of a diagnosable disorder only when accompanied by distress or interference with normal functioning.  Keeping in mind, homosexuality was also a diagnosable disorder at one point in time as well.  Beetz (2002) stated "The phenomenon of sexual contact with animals is starting to lose its taboo"[1]  In 2005 a farm in Washington was nicknamed an "animal brothel" where people came to pay to have sexual acts with animals.  Currently, in other parts of the civilized world zoophilic materials have become a substantial industry.  Peter Singer, a Utilitarian philosopher and animal liberation author, argues that bestiality is not unethical so long as it involves no harm or cruelty to the animal.  Is this just the tip of the ice berg for Zoosexuality Rights in the next 60 years?

It is important to note that all these indicators for the fall of the nations God describes to Moses were all sexual in nature.  Of the sins stated in scriptures that lead people to eternity apart from God, sexual sins are always listed.

Proud Direction or Shameful Direction

It is one thing to be ashamed of sin and to understand it as a unwanted desire and struggle; it is another to be proud of it and flaunt it.  Nations were judged as they were flaunting their sins.  It took 400 years before God to bring his judgement down on the nations for their sins.  They did not start that way but gradually over the generations continued in the development of their sin until it had reached its full measure.  Now, looking forward to modern society with the four Godly justifications for judgement in mind; no-fault divorce was first passed in 1969 allowing married couples to just divorce and remarry whom ever. Also in 1969 a raid on a gay night club which turned into a open protest sparked the gay rights movement, then in 1973 abortion was legalized officially.  All within the same generation. Why did God's judgement not come down on America?  Zoophilia has not reached is full measure.  A lot of people will laugh and say zoosexualism will never become a norm or acceptable but that ignorant comment was stated about many other now current cultural norms generations ago.

What does all this have to do with a nations leaders?

"I [God] gave you [the nation of Israel] a king in My anger" - Hosea 13:11

God will give a nation a leader for his will to be done.  If his will is judgement; a leader who has risen may very well reflect that.  When considering the reasons for God's judgement on the nation in Leviticus 18:20–25 it should not come as a surprise when a leader who reinforces and grows the sins of the nation is put into power as he hands people over to their sins.  

"And I will make mere lads their princes, And capricious children will rule over them" - Isaiah 3:4

God raises and allows to rise the type of leader that he sees fit according to his will.  These 'lads' and 'capricious children' are influenced by the nations morality.  They grow up in the nations sins and can be put in power to continue to expand the nations sins.  Then children after them, the same, until the sins of the nation reaches its full measure when God in is supreme justice brings complete judgement on the nation.

"Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger, And the staff in whose hands is My indignation" Isaiah 10:5

 God will also use outside nations, who are even wicked in themselves, as tools for his judgement on other nations.  

Democracies may vote, but God is in full control of who will lead a nation into his judgement or even his redemption.  But when nations are historically moving in a less Godly direction and following the sins of previous nations in history that have been judged with leaders who rise up and carry on those same immoral cultural desires, it is only matter of time.  

2 Chronicles 7:14

"and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Here God was speaking to Israel but the Church is his people too. Nations always need redemption from their sin!  Culture needs relief from the slavery of their sin. Marriages need to be strengthened and not encouraged and empowered to fail.  Abortion needs to end and not be acceptable and supported.  Human sexuality needs to be sanctified and encouraged to be pure and holy in the way God calls for it to be; not the way man wants or desires it to be.  These four elements of a nation influence the generations and build up its leaders.  Then, and only then, will nations have leaders that will not lead to a nations destruction but a revival for God's Glory.

Note: This article was published before the election and does not support any one candidate. No matter who is elected leader, God is sovereign and perfectly just in his will and judgments.

1.  Anthony L. Podberscek; Andrea M. Beetz (September 1, 2005). Bestiality and Zoophilia: Sexual Relations with Animals. Berg. p. 94. ISBN 978-0-85785-222-9. Retrieved 13 May 2012.

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