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The Solar Eclipse

The big question for religious and superstitious folks is; "Is the solar eclipse a sign from God?".  When considering what the Lord has allowed us to know in the realm of science and history we can come to an easy answer.


The Solar Eclipse of 2017 is a natural occurrence.  Much like rain fall, ocean tides, and the aurora borealis; except, this natural occurrence is of outer space.  These events are not supernatural in the sense that God through his power effected nature in that space and time at that moment.  But, God having perfect knowledge of all that he created and put into motion, may have very well allowed these naturally timed events to trigger human reactions in history for his divine will to be done.

The Shu Ching, an ancient Chinese book, records the belief that the sun was actually eaten by a large dragon.  Royal astronomers were responsible for predicting this but when they didn't, they were executed.

Greek historian Herodotus records that a solar eclipse actual caused peace between two warring people groups.  The Battle of the Eclipse of 585 BC is what it has been called.  During the 5 year war and during a battle, a total solar eclipse took place.  The armies saw it as a sign from the gods to stop the war.  A truce was then established.

God's Timing

Though God can, and does, time his unfolding will with the timing of the natural things he also set in motion.  The star over Jesus' manger could have been very well just that; God's perfect ordained timing of natural occurrence to mark the arrival of his Son.  But what about celestial events like eclipses?

Special Supernatural Occurrences

Joshua records the sun stopping in the middle of the sky and did not go down the whole day.  A total solar eclipse was recorded at Jesus' death as recorded by Thallus, quoted by Julius Africanus.  Origen attempted to justify it as a natural occurrence but later determined it had to have been a supernatural event after researching prior history of solar eclipses just as Thallus thought.  An earthquake was even recorded by Thallus; just as recorded in the synoptic gospels.  Tertullian, with his vast amount of ancient resources, also agreed it was a global event.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse 

What does this eclipse mean?  Well, nothing, besides the fact it is a natural occurrence and will occur again in 2023.  The eclipse will cause people to think certain ways and act on what they feel.  All of which God already knows. 

What About The End Times Signs?

Matthew 24:29 and Luke 21:25 both detail astronomical events as signs.  But, as history records, there have been many natural astronomical events throughout history.  What makes these end times signs so unique is the magnitude of their event.  It will not just be a natural solar eclipse.  They will be more than that.  They will be supernatural and powerful.  Matthew ALSO states that stars will fall from the sky and the heavens will be shaken.  This is MORE than just a solar eclipse.  "There will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world and never to be equaled again".  This is clearly a supernatural powerful event and not just a solar eclipse.  We must take into account all that is revealed and not cherry pick.  2 Peter 3:11-12 as states "That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat".  Jesus also said that no one knows the day or hour, yet, we can calculate solar eclipses.  There will be a solar eclipse in 2023.  Given the totality of what is revealed in scripture; this is not a sign of the end times but a natural occurrence of God's ordained handy work in creation.

What Can We Learn From This?

We can get a taste of God's great power in what he has created, set in motion, and sustains.  Massive extra terrestrial bodies moving in perfect harmony. So massive and majestic.  This eclipse forces us to look up at the sky and acknowledge great power and glory.  BUT, where people give the credit for this power and glory comes from the heart of the individual.  Some see the God's Glory in his creation, others refuse to accept God's Glory and justly by other means.

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