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The Positional Creed of The Universal Christian Faith

I believe in the human right to worship The One Triune God alone:
Who made male and female equal but unique for his glory:
Who made the human race equal but unique for his glory:
Who made mankind good, not perfect:
Whom sinned and all offspring birthed with a sinful nature:
Who grants the free gift of salvation from sin, only through His Son:
Whom will be judged by holy justice for sin:
I believe in Holy Marriage as originated by God:
Between one male and one female:
Male bodily born male and female bodily born female:
I believe mankind is a person, known by God, before birth:
The unborn child from conception is precious and living:
I believe my body is not my own but for God's glory alone:
To abstain from all sexual immorality outside of God's originated marriage:
To remain pure and holy for God's good work:
I believe in the truth in scripture:
The righteous judgements of saints:
And gracious correction and merciful discipline:
Until The Son's return and the resurrection of the dead:
Until judgement and reward:
I believe then I will be granted my perfected transcendent body:
Not male nor female, not married nor unmarried:
But unified with Christ in the eternal presence of God almighty: 

23 lines, 209 words.  This 'Positional' Creed addresses more common issues in cultures that the church has had to experience throughout history.  From Roman culture, to European and American culture, the church has faced the issues of human rights, religious rights, racism, sexism, sexuality, genders, abortion, and accountability.  A sound Creed founded in scripture and validated through early church history to have your family memorize, research, and meditate on.  Also read and memorize the broad and essential Creed of The Universal Christian Faith.

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