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What Did Apollinaris of Hierapolis Teach?

Apollinaris was a 3rd generation Christian who could have been influenced by Qaudratus and Aristides and was friends with Melito who was discipled by Polycarp.  Church historians after him spoke very highly of him and the soundness of his teachings.  He gained notoriety when he wrote treatises against Heresies of his time.  He also wrote an apology to the Roman Emperor.  It is unclear when he was born and his death is estimated to be before the death of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius around 177AD. 

Sadly no manuscripts remain of his works but we can piece together what he taught by what has been quoted by later church histories and teachers that did have his works.  Mostly found in Eusebius' works and Jerome's.

Key Teachings
  • Power of Prayer
  • Authority of Scripture
  • Christology in the Jewish Feasts
  • Subsitutionary Atonement
  • Jesus the Son of God
Read his quotes here at Roberts-Donaldson English Translation

Sample Quotes

the Book Concerning the Passover
the true Passover of the Lord; the great sacrifice, the Son of God instead of the lamb

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