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What Did Hippolytus of Rome Teach?

Hippolytus was born around 170AD and died a martyr around 235AD.  He was a disciple of Irenaeus who was a disciple of Polycarp, who was a disciple of John the Apostle.  Even Origen of Alexandria heard him preach at an early age.  He was critical of the popes of Rome and even accused Pope Zephyrinus of modalism.  Under the persecution at the time of Emperor Maximinus Thrax he was exiled where he later died as a martyr.

 He wrote 10 books called Refutation of all Heresies. He wrote vast commentaries and apologetic works.  The closeness of his Apostolic Lineage and sound orthodox teachings made him a prolific early church leader.  Also read Hippolytus' Baptism Confession

Key Teachings
  • Authority of Scripture
  • Completion of Scripture
  • Proactive Evangelism 
  • Detail and specificity of Prophecy
  • Equality
  • The Trinity
  • Virgin Birth
  • Deity of Jesus
  • Christology in the Old Testament
  • Bodily Resurrection
  • Against modalism/oneness Pentecostalism
  • God's Omnipotence   
  • God's Immutability 
  • God's Absolute Sovereignty 
  • Humanity of Jesus
  • Sinlessness of Jesus 
Read his writings here

Sample Quotes:

1.  I have thought it right to set these matters of inquiry clearly forth to your view, drawing largely from the Holy Scriptures themselves as from a holy fountain,...  but may also be able, by surveying them in the light of (divine) authority...  so that by ready argument applying things ill understood and apprehended by most, you may sow them in the ground of your heart, as in a rich and clean soil. By these, too, you will be able to silence those who oppose and gainsay the word of salvation.
2.  For if the prophet spake of any chance event, he would not be a prophet then in speaking of things which were under the eye of all. But one who sets forth in detail things yet to be, was rightly judged a prophet... Wherefore prophets were with good reason called from the very first "seers." And hence we, too, who are rightly instructed in what was declared aforetime by them, speak not of our own capacity. For we do not attempt to made any change one way or another among ourselves in the words that were spoken of old by them, but we make the Scriptures in which these are written public, and read them to those who can believe rightly;
3.  He does not esteem the rich man more highly than the poor, nor does He despise the poor man for his poverty. He does not disdain the barbarian, nor does He set the eunuch aside as no man. He does not hate the female on account of the woman's act of disobedience in the beginning, nor does He reject the male on account of the man's transgression. But He seeks all, and desires to save all, wishing to make all the children of God, and calling all the saints unto one perfect man... For there is also one Son (or Servant) of God, by whom we too, receiving the regeneration through the Holy Spirit, desire to come all unto one perfect and heavenly man.
4.  whereas the Word of God was without flesh, He took upon Himself the holy flesh by the holy Virgin, and prepared a robe which He wove for Himself.
5.  how the sudden appearing of the Lord shall be revealed froth heaven; and what the conflagration of the whole world shall be; and what the glorious and heavenly kingdom of the saints is to be, when they reign together with Christ; and what the punishment of the wicked by fire.
6.  as our Lord Jesus Christ, who is also God

1.  By the omnipotent will of God all things are made,  and the things that are made are also preserved, being maintained according to their several principles in perfect harmony by Him who is in His nature the omnipotent God and maker of all things.  His divine will remaining unalterable by which He has made and moves all things, sustained as they severally are by their own natural laws... the Word of God being made truly man in our manner, yet without sin, and acting and enduring in man's way such sinless things as are proper to our nature,

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